Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023

Microfiber sanitary uniforms are, without a doubt, the best option for work in the health area because it is a soft and light fabric for the skin but also has extremely interesting properties, such as being a fabric hydro that repels fluids, just to give an example. Hence it is about the best option for healthcare personnel looking for comfort and protection.

What kind of fabric is microfiber?

Microfiber is a fabric that is generally made up of polyester. Hence, it is an extremely comfortable and convenient option for healthcare workers. One of the most curious or interesting characteristics of microfiber is that For its elaboration, threads are used that are one hundred times thinner than human hair.. It is important to note that, currently, there are different types of microfiber fabrics, so there are options that are perfectly adapted to the needs of each applicant. However, all are characterized by being flexible, resistant and easy to maintain.

What advantages and benefits does microfiber have?

As we discussed earlier, scrubs offer a host of advantages. Next, we share some of the most outstanding:
Comfort: One of the most interesting advantages of microfiber uniforms is that they are extremely comfortable. This is because the fabric is soft against the skin and, at the same time, it is flexible, so it adjusts comfortably to the different movements of the body.Endurance: It is a type of extremely resistant fabric. It does not break easily and with the minimum care required, it can last a long time in perfect condition.Easy maintenance: this type of fabric does not require any special care and is so resistant that it can be machine washed at high temperatures. The latter is also convenient for the health area, especially to perfectly clean uniforms.

Microfiber uniforms vs cotton uniforms

Both microfiber and cotton are widely used fabrics for scrubs, and each has its advantages and disadvantages. Nevertheless, In recent years, microfiber uniforms have positioned themselves as a more demanded alternative. because the textile has more advantages than cotton for the purpose of comfort and resistance, essential for the rhythm of this profession. In general, the microfiber fabric it is much more resistant than cottonSo it doesn’t break so easily. In addition, despite being able to be washed at high temperatures, it hardly loses its shape and also maintains its original color for longer. The cotton; however, it is not as resistant, it loses its shape more quickly, as well as its color. In addition, it is a fabric that tends to generate more heat.

Where to get microfiber sanitary uniforms?

Currently it is very easy to get microfiber sanitary uniforms and thanks to options such as SoloUniformes, specialists in this and other types of textiles, it is possible to complete the purchase from the comfort of our home or office. Without a doubt, microfiber uniforms are the ideal solution for many sectors, but especially for all workers in the health sector because they are extremely comfortable, easy to maintain, they do not deform or break easily and they adapt perfectly to the movements of the body, which gives great freedom.

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