Tue. Apr 16th, 2024

Collaboration in the metaverse will transform employee productivity. This has been highlighted at the Propulsion Lab IV meeting, by ENCAMINA, at the Microsoft headquarters in Europe (Dublin). In the technological event, Microsoft experts and company executives have met, in addition, practical cases have been presented to exemplify the possibilities that the multiverse will bring to organizations in the coming years. “Digital twins, real-time data analysis or bots already connect the physical world and the metaverse, and allow us to talk about the multiverse. Organizations that put all this technology and innovation at the service of the experience of their employees will improve not only their productivity, but also the capabilities of their workers”, says Alberto Díaz, CTIO of ENCAMINA and Regional Director of Microsoft.

Metaverse in Propulsion Lab IV

During the two days that the meeting lasted at the Microsoft headquarters in Europe, presentations and demonstrations were given by experts from the ENCAMINA team, including David Vidal and Rodrigo Liberoff. On behalf of the Microsoft team, Sebastian Siminovich, Jim Kelly and Juanjo Montiel.

Collaboration in the metaverse will transform employee productivity

They have also offered sessions in which they have contributed their vision on the importance of evolving the sales strategy of organizations to a 100% digital approach, as well as the role of Artificial Intelligence, innovation or accessibility to successfully adopt cloud technologies. and achieve business goals.

The Garage

As happened in the previous edition held in June 2021 in Valencia, the Propulsion Lab IV had an innovative format, and included a visit to the multinational’s “The Garage”, a cradle of innovation, development of ideas and a meeting point for employees give free rein to their creativity. The day brought together CIOs and CTOs from companies from all sectors such as Mapfre, Tous, Securitas, Igenomix, Fermax, Grupo Romeu, Bluespace or Tiba.

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