Wed. Oct 4th, 2023

Appian held its Appian World Europe event last week in London. The company has seen how its commitment to Low-Code has gained more and more followers and is now committed to the Data Fabric. Watch out for this firm that promises to continue growing thanks to its fresh, innovative solutions that facilitate an efficient digital transformation. Although its origins take place with Low-Code as the protagonist, little by little, it was seeing how automation was going to play a role essential in the digitization of companies. The union between both technologies can be a turning point for all your clients. But as could be seen at Appian World Europe, the multinational wants to give a twist: its new bet goes through the Data Fabric. Formerly known as Low-Code Data, the new Appian Data Fabric aims to be a differential technology with regarding the competition. The big advantage is that, as Appian CTO Michael Beckley said, “it eliminates the heavy lifting that is associated with integrating and optimizing an organization’s data sets in such a way that it allows the creation of applications up to 10 times faster”. To achieve this, what Appian has done is make it easier to connect and obtain data that has traditionally been difficult to access. A data change anywhere is reflected in real time everywhere. “With our data fabric, data that is dispersed appears local, so businesses can operate with a single data model, and IT can quickly connect and build composite applications with what is you can extract value from the data much faster,” Beckley said. The manager assured that almost half of his clients (45%) are already taking advantage of his Data Fabric, despite the fact that its use is optional.

Facing the reality of an unstable situation

As was revealed during the meeting, Appian intends to focus on the fact that its product range allows companies to reduce their costs, which would allow them to calmly face a complex and unstable environment like the one that exists today. The company, as the CTO explained during his main keynote, can save its clients around 113.3 billion dollars in 2022, among other things, thanks to the automation solutions that the company proposes on its platform. Beckley placed special emphasis on the advantages that automation brings to companies, in addition to cost savings: “Every time a task is automated, we achieve more productive employees who can dedicate themselves to carrying out more important and more valuable tasks.” to the company. Thanks to automation, inefficiencies disappear.”

The new Appian Data Fabric aims to be a differential technology with respect to the competition

The multinational has a broad presence in the public administration, banking and insurance sectors. As the CTO explained to Byte TI, they hope that this presence will continue to be predominant, although they can expand the niche to other sectors. In no case do they consider going to smaller companies.Julio Campoy, Senior Account Executive at AppianJulio Campoy, Senior Account Executive of AppianAnd as Julio Campoy, Senior Account Executive of Appian explained, this strategy is defined in this way because “the type of processes that the public sector has between file management, procedures or procedures depends a lot on the type of process, because it is necessary to be clear about where the transaction must be carried out and then the artificial intelligence services, which are key. This is something that we can offer to the Administration”. In this sense, the European Funds can be key within Appian’s strategy because, as Campoy stated, “European recovery funds mean that there are large items for the digitization of public administration. These Funds are essential to try to improve the services provided to citizens. And thanks to a platform like the one offered by Appian, it is essential because it is not only capable of automating processes, but it does so in a very agile way. This is something that Appian offers and that favors public bodies”. One of Appian’s keys, as expressed at the meeting, focuses on its sales processes: “We are offering value. And we have a sales methodology in which the first step is for the client to know what Appian is. What does it do and what can it bring you and what benefit can it give you? That is what we offer you. Before that we do absolutely nothing because if you don’t do that they don’t understand the technology and then they don’t know how to balance value against price. This is our key to success.”

By Alvaro Rivers

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