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The manga adaptation of the animated series Star Wars Rebels created by Dave Filoni arrives in Spain by Planeta Cómic

Star Wars has been publishing manga-style adaptations of its films and novels for some time. The franchise suits this aesthetic well, One only has to see the Visions anthology to be convinced that the Japanese comic is perfect for the adventures of the characters in the galaxy created by George Lucas. This time it’s Dave Filoni’s first series under the Disney umbrella: Star Wars Rebels. The adventures of Kanan, Ezra, Hera, Sabine, Zeb and Chopper change their image, but not their story.Star Wars Rebels marked an era, allowing Dave Filoni to develop different and complex plots. The war beyond the specific battles. The training of a jedi and the secrets of the force told from scratch, the development of the Rebellion and how it spreads. Filoni risked a lot and despite the criticism that appealed to the adolescent tone of the Rebels series, it has become one of the most remembered products of the saga. A position that is well deserved.

paper version

Without there being a comic that adapts the series, it is a success to see it finally published on paper. That it is with a manga style instead of looking for authors with a more American aesthetic makes it doubly risky, and as happened with the original series in its day, it comes out of the fight well. Star Wars Rebels adapts the first adventure of the group of Kanan Jarrus, meeting Ezra and joining the Ghost crew. What was released as the first episode, double as usual, is complete in this volume. Without leaving any detail.

The manga style that uses expressiveness in the characters

The exaggeration of aspects of the personalities of its protagonists and, above all, with a dynamic action full of spectacular lines and pages, it hits Star Wars, a lot. What makes small details of the original story are increased. Giving exaggerated touches to some jokes and jokes in the series, adding solemnity to the decisive moments and giving a very fast pace to the chases and fights. The plot and the dialogues have been taken care of so as not to leave anything of what The Spark of the Rebellion had . But shortening some moments so that the rhythm is greater. The drawing calls for a little more of that very Japanese rhythm, with many close-ups, character-focused sequences, and vignettes full of engaging kinetic lines. It is The Spark of Rebellion, but told in another way, and it cannot be said that she feels bad about it.


The most fanatics may not get into this change, and prefer the slower, almost western pace of the series, but anyone who loves the series will enjoy seeing a new version of a work that was the beginning of the change in Star Wars that brought to you by Dave Filoni. You can watch the entire Star Wars Rebels animated series on Disney+ with your subscription. If you don’t have it yet you can sign up here.

Star Wars. Rebels (manga) Nº1Title: : Star Wars. Rebels (manga) Nº1url : comic planetAuthor : Mitsuri AokiISBN: 9788411121941Description : A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… The galaxy where peace once reigned now finds itself under the yoke of the Galactic Empire. Lothal is one of those subjugated worlds. One day, Ezra, an orphan boy who lives on the streets, meets five rebels who are going to stand up to the Empire. Guided by JOTA (JC Royo) 3.0 3.00 5 Average score User rating /5 ( Be the first! Votes )

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