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There is a very false belief that aesthetic medicine is only for beauty and that it is used in banal procedures that satisfy people’s frivolity. There is nothing more wrong than that approach of a medical branch that offers patients stimulation, quality of life and relief in difficult situations such as cancer, psychiatric pathologies or accidents. These are the benefits that these professionals offer.

Botox for bruxism: the ally of people with this disorder

there is a nervous pathology called bruxism that has its origin in a neurological disorder associated with depression, stress, post-traumatic stress and / or anxiety. It manifests itself because the person who suffers from it involuntarily and unconsciously clenches and grinds their teeth. This is an uncontrolled movement of the jaws that can occur during the day or at night. However, today it is possible to treat this condition with botox for bruxism in Barcelona, ​​but this procedure should only be applied by a specialized doctor, who has the appropriate certifications in medicine and a specialization in aesthetic medicine. Doctors are not sure the exact etiology of bruxism, but this can be the result of a mixture of genetic, psychological and physical factors. Anxiety, worry, anger, irritation or tension are just some of the emotions that can cause bruxism to wake up with very negative consequences for dental health.
Those who suffer from bruxism experience moderate or severe damage to the teeth, wear and fall of the restorations made in some pieces, in the crowns or pain in the jaw bones.
It is also associated with Headaches related to the tension of the mandibular arch bones, as well as discomfort or painful nerve punctures in the neck or face. In the most serious cases, bruxism can break teeth or molars and develop gum disease or periodontitis. This pathology, in many cases, causes the receding of the gums with which the root of the teeth is exposed. You can feel pain due to sensitivity and even fall of the dental pieces.

How does Botox help people with bruxism?

When you have bruxism you can damage the temporomandibular joint and the masseter muscle. One of the symptoms of this disorder (which almost always occurs during sleep) is severe jaw or ear pain that sometimes develops into a tension headache. Botox has turned out to be a very effective treatment for bruxism. Botulinum toxin injections are used to reduce hypertonus of the masseter muscle that develops at night (although it sometimes occurs during the day as well) and contributes to this condition. Botulinum toxin helps people with bruxism because: It is a powerful muscle relaxant.prevents damage by clench jaw and teeth.Helps patients to sleep better.Offers smoothness to the contour of the face.

Botox benefits on bruxism

By applying this treatment, these benefits are obtained: It is a very little invasive.It is a procedure that does not require hospitalization because it is ambulatory. Botox injection sessions They usually last between 30 and 45 minutes.It does not affect anything everyday life of the patient. He will be able to talk or eat after the treatment and without any restrictions.It’s very safe. The patient receives the botox injections and can go about his life as normal. It also has no adverse side effects. On the contrary, it helps to soften the contours of the face.

Benefits of aesthetic medicine

Aesthetic medicine clinics like Leblon Medical Group know that this branch of medical practice is to make an art out of people’s lives. They offer an avant-garde optics in which there is a remarkable balance between beauty, nutrition and health.
They consider that all these elements are the key to the effective treatments and durable. With the vision that beauty should be responsible, Its multidisciplinary medical team (surgeons, aesthetic doctors, anesthetists, nutritionists and more), combines their knowledge and experience to provide comprehensive and personalized diagnoses for each patient. These are the advantages of aesthetic medicine offered by these clinics:

Help in psychological processes

The SEME or Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine establishes the goal of this medical specialty as improving the physical appearance of people to help them solve possible psychological problems. These situations of dissatisfied with his appearance they can lead patients to insecurities, fears, complexes and not knowing how to function as a stable individual within a society. Consequently, aesthetic medicine goes beyond the simple appreciation of beauty. It seeks to improve the mood and general well-being of people through safe practices.

Increases self-esteem

Each person’s physical appearance contributes to their sense of self and the self-esteem is largely influenced by the reflection in the mirror. when a person feels uncomfortable with her own image, Psychological problems may arise that affect the development of their daily lives. Especially in a social environment where appearance often plays a determining role. when treating physical defects that bother, aesthetic medicine helps to reduce this psychological state, thus improving the emotional well-being of the patient. As a result, they get benefits in the workplace personal and emotional that increase the feeling of self-esteem and personal security.

Ally in difficult times

breast cancer, burns on the face or skin or scars from accidents are some of the cases in which aesthetic medicine helps people who are going through difficult times. Breast prostheses and the fact that to remove marks or scarsthe product of sad and unfortunate episodes, makes aesthetic medicine an important branch for the integral health of people.

effective methods

Depending on the patient and the type of treatment, aesthetic medicine procedures turn out to be very useful. However, it is possible that, in certain cases, several sessions are needed to obtain best results.
However, by choosing well the doctors, their equipment and the most modern clinics, it is possible to achieve truly miraculous effects.

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