Wed. Sep 27th, 2023

The mental health It is a state that is associated with well-being and that provides people with an interesting tool to face life’s obstacles, learn, work or grow individually. For a long time, very little attention was paid to this important facet of the human being, however, today we know that it can affect many aspects of our lives, both emotional and physical. Luckily, we currently have the opportunity to access excellent psychology professionals who can help us improve our quality of life and maintain optimal mental health. This is the case of the psychologist in Barcelona Micaela Amengual, a expert in Brief Strategic Therapy (TBE) who attends in his office, but also does online sessions. With it it is possible to learn to overcome everyday obstacles, improve family harmony, as a couple, in adulthood or adolescence.

Therapy sessions with Micaela Amengual

Micaela Amengual is an expert psychologist in Strategic Brief Therapy (TBE), a form of therapy based on solving specific problems that affect the lives of patients. Throughout the sessions, the psychologist will seek with the patient the best definition for her problem and will set certain objectives to be met. Little by little, with the “tasks” that are raised over time, you can notice a significant improvement in people’s quality of life. The expert defines herself as a vocational psychologist who enjoys helping to improve people’s reality. To become a benchmark for this type of therapy, Micaela Amengual He studied psychology at the Open University of Catalonia and completed his training with a master’s degree in Brief Strategic Therapy. Currently, it is possible to attend her consultation in person in Barcelona or do the sessions online from any geographical point.

The therapeutic services that Micaela Amengual puts at your disposal

In his practice, he attends to different types of patients or groups with the mission of improving their mental health, their well-being index and their abilities to face the different realities of life. These are your main specialties:

individual therapy for adults

Individual therapies for adults are designed for people who are going through a difficult time in their lives or have certain emotional limitations in some areas. These sessions can help combat problems as common as anxietylow self-esteem, prolonged mourning or depression.

family therapy

Family therapy focuses on finding the most appropriate balance in all members of a family and that everyone finds their place in coexistence. It is very effective when there are problems such as a lack of communication or conflicts between siblings.

therapy for adolescents

Adolescence is one of the most complex stages of life on an emotional level and can be full of changes difficult to deal with. The psychologist can help this type of patient to find the best tools to successfully overcome this stage.

couples therapy

When the couple has problems communicating, there is mistrust or difficulties in sexual life, this specialized therapy can be an excellent solution. The psychologist will help both members find balance and seek common goals that they can meet in harmony. Communication consulted to Nirclinic, an agency specialized in the health sector.

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