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Award ceremonies are always controversial since it is inevitable that questions arise regarding the games that, from the perspective of some groups, deserve or not the nomination and therefore the award. The 2022 edition of The Game Awards is no exception and the criticism has not been long in coming after the revelation of the categories as there are fans who think that there are 2 great absentees on the part of Nintendo and Xbox.
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Fans regret that Bayonetta 3 only has one nomination at TGA 2022

Today, the organizers of The Game Awards 2022 presented the official nominations by category for the event that will take place on the night of December 8. Although the attention was focused on this year’s GOTY, some fans began to turn the networks on when they noticed what they considered a lack of respect for Bayonetta 3 and Halo Infinite. According to some players, it is unfair that Bayonetta 3 only has one nomination (it is in Best Action Game) since it is one of the highest rated titles in the last quarter of the year and since it was in time and form to be considered In the awards, they think that he could compete in more categories and even get into the Game of the Year category over Stray.

Halo Infinite faded between awards and did not have a single nomination

In the case of Halo Infinite, Xbox fans are sparking because the game was involved in a controversy during its launch because it could not be nominated at TGA 2021 due to the date rules, but even so it won the prize it awards community. At the time, it was insisted that the 343i title could compete for this year’s award, however it did not earn a single nomination. In this regard, it cannot be ignored that the problems that Halo Infinite has gone through before and after its launch are taking their toll and it did not have a favorable consensus to consider it relevant among this year’s games, confirming the disaster of the Xbox studio. and his management of the franchise today.

What’s your opinion about it? Do you think the Platinum game and the 343i game deserved more nominations? Tell us in the comments and continue here, at WTTSpod.
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