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It would be nonsense to make a trivial criticism of Donnie Darko. It is one of the most outstanding cult films so far, I can not limit it to a bland synopsis. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend it.

Now get out of here, because I’m going to explain Donnie Darko from start to finish and, obviously, I have to do ‘spoilers’.

As you know, Donnie Darko is one of those time travel movies. If the first time we have a bean face when we see it, nothing happens, it will be the same as the fifth. To understand these types of films, it is not only essential to watch them over and over again, normally, the director usually leaves clues in interviews, extended versions… In this case, I have gathered all of them so that you can watch it again without fear of collapsing, but keep it account for this kind of film should not despair.

the tangent universe

I start with the bulk of the film, the parallel universe. The entire plot of Donnie Darko revolves around the creation and destruction of a parallel universe or reality. The film is part of a primary universe (our universe, the one that should exist) showing us the town of Middlesex and its neighbors in 1988. From the beginning we know that Donnie suffers from schizophrenia and that the medication he takes, or should take, makes him sleepwalk and he stars in frequent night walks through the village.A strange character dressed as a rabbit who goes by the name of Frank shows up on Donnie’s lawn one night and calls him out. Donnie obeys, thus saving himself from the device that was destined to end his life that same night (a device from an airplane, which will be untraceable later, falls right into Donnie’s room).At the moment in which the protagonist cheats death, the tangent universe or parallel reality, the reality that should not happen. You will remember that Frank points out to Donnie the time left until the end of the world, 28 days, 6 hours, 42 minutes and 12 seconds. Sure enough, that is the time when the world Donnie is in must be destroyed, that is, the parallel reality. The tangent universe must be destroyed so that the primary one can continue coherently in time.

Donnie Darko Characters

Frank is the character capable of free time travel. He acts as a ghost or spirit that guides Darko in the tangent universe., forcing him to perform certain acts that will destroy this alien reality. That is, Frank’s goal is to close this universe that he should never have created (ironically, it was created because of his fault in saving Donnie). The only way to close this dimension is to cause what never happened to happen, Darko’s death from the fall of the artifact. This accident will give meaning to the primary universe because it is what was “written” to happen.This character raises the main questions formulated in the film: why 28 days, 6 hours…? Because that’s how long it takes for the artifact to fall back on Donnie’s room. Why does it fall again? Because Donnie provokes him. Frank guides the actions of the protagonist to return to that point (in which Darko is in bed waiting for the part of the plane to fall). Later we will see the events that allow this situation to occur again.Donnie is the only one capable of destroying the tangent reality. As we have seen, he will need the help of Frank the rabbit, but it is only up to him to return to the primary universe. His role is the hardest in the whole story, he must assume his death. You will have noticed that “fear” is a very recurring emotion throughout the film. It is the very fear of dying alone that drives Darko to escape his original death.. Remember what “Grandma Death” whispered to Donnie, “all creatures in this world die alone.”Frank is on a mission to make Donnie accept his death.. To do this, he causes the death of Gretchen (the girl Darko falls in love with in this parallel world). At this point, the protagonist understands what he must do. If he causes his own death, the parallel reality will never be created, he will not be able to meet Gretchen, and Gretchen will never die. This strategy used by Frank, we will call later “assurance trap”. That is to say: the rabbit makes boy and girl meet in the tangent universe. Boy and girl fall in love. Girl dies run over. So that the girl does not die, only she can go back in time. If the boy destroys this reality, boy and girl will never have met and girl will not die. We continue with Donnie. In order for him to accomplish his task, he must understand. Thus, Frank gives him super powers.. He has the power to see the future (spears of water coming out of people’s chests), uncanny strength (he drives an ax into a bronze statue), and can wield water and fire. In this form, he can carry out everything that Frank orders him to do.Roberta Sparrow, commonly called Grandmother Death, is the crazy old lady who checks the mail all the time. She is the writer of the book The Philosophy of Time Travel. with which Donnie is obsessed because it explains everything that is happening (creation of a new universe, ability to travel in time, being able to see the future…). This book provides the fundamental keys to understand the film. The book talks about rliving receiver (Donnie) as appointed to guide the artifact into position for its journey back to the primary universe, from manipulated alive (Donnie’s friends and neighbors) who will help the living recipient on his mission, and manipulated dead (Frank and Gretchen), who will lay out a insurance trap to the living recipient to ensure the artifact is safely returned to the primary universe. I can not extend much more for that reason I have chosen the characters that I have considered most important. In addition, with the classification that the book exposes, you get an idea of ​​the role of the rest of the figures in the story.Chain of events that will destroy the tangent universe

Donnie Darko

Frank forces D. to flood the institute → in this way D. meets Gretchen. The flooding also causes the crazy gym teacher to call famous therapist Jim Cunningham to come to the school to give talks on love and fear. Frank makes D. find Cunningham’s dumbass bag and forces him to burn down his house → in this way it is discovered that he was a pedophile → The gym teacher collapses and decides to stay in town to defend Jim instead of traveling to New York with the high school dance group → In this group is Jim’s little sister Donnie, so the main character’s mother will be in charge of the group and will travel with them in airplane→ the device that will definitively end Donnie’s life and all this paranoia comes from the plane in which his mother and sister will travel back. I MEAN, Darko caused it all. All this happened in 28 days, 6 hours, 42 minutes and 12 seconds.The plane the engine comes off of or whatever in the prime universe cannot be located, why? Because this plane belongs to the other world. Thanks to this plane from the other reality, you can return to the real world. And why is the plane not located and the piece is? Because it passes through the wormhole that joins both worlds. I can’t go any further but I hope this has helped you a bit to understand the movie Donnie Darko. In the film references are made to many movies and books that have to do with the plot. I think it will be useful for you to browse Einstein’s theory about holes in time even if it is on Wikipedia and the Dasein work of the impossible Heidegger.To finish, if you liked this type of post, here we leave you an equal one on the explanation of ‘The possible lives of Mr. Nobody’. Another new case of cult cinema with hidden messages, starring Jared Leto.

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