Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023

At the age of 66, Kevin Conroy passed away, who has been considered by many as the Batman of all time. He provided his voice to the character for 30 years.

passed away on Batman of all time, the eternal voice of the bat, the genius behind the most memorable animations of the character: Kevin Conroy. The American actor was the center of unfortunate news on November 10, just 20 days after his 67th birthday. Without a doubt, he will be remembered by thousands of DC fans who grew up listening to him for decades, giving life to the Gotham detective. The interpreter had a moderately successful career in the TV with series Y films low budget. The productions in which he participated were part of the beginning of his career from 1978 to 1992. However, most of his roles were secondary or even simple extras with only minutes in front of the cameras. He wanted more. Both Conroy himself, his friends and even Hollywood executives realized his ability to achieve great things. However, the artist had to abandon the presentations in live action to make a leap into what until then was a little explored market, animation. That’s how in 1992 they called his phone to give him the role of his dreams. Warner Bros. Y DC he had been selected to be the new Batman. Although he was one of the most famous fictional beings of all time, the famous should meet a different challenge: give him a voice. The serious and mysterious tone of Bruce Wayne it allowed him to immediately capture the liking of the company’s businessmen. Likewise, he also stole the liking of the fans who immediately supported the signing.


The first time he played the popular superhero was in the character’s animated series. This show was from 1992 a nineteen ninety fiveassuring him 85 episodes and four years of a significant contract that would be only the beginning of a long relationship. At the time he developed this series, he also played Wayne in the animated film Batman: Mask of the Phantasm.Just finished his work with the studio in this role, he was contacted by Sony who offered to give his voice to Dr. Nefarious Tropy, from the video game crash bandicoot. He was present in other similar products for consoles such as Crusaders of Magic and Light, Jack and Daxter or Max Payne. In addition, in the same way he returned to the bat suit in extensive titles such as Batman del futuro (1999 – 2001), Batman Beyond (2000 ) either justice league unlimited (2001 – 2006). Likewise, it served for the Batman games (Arkham trilogy) and those of injustice.He was joined in the DC animated cast for many years by Mark Hamill, who was in charge of personifying the Joker. On the other hand, he inspired the story of a comic called DC Pride #1, passing on as a legacy. Artists, voice actors, producers and fans mourn his death. The actor’s family and those close to him have not yet confirmed the reasons for his death. Peace in his grave.

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