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the japanese portal myjitsu published an article compiling the negative reactions on part of the viewers towards the anime adaptation of chainsaw manspecifically towards the attitudes of Denji, the protagonist. It turns out that the most recent episode included several highly anticipated fan-service scenes, but instead of the comedic touch of the original manga, the anime felt too realistic for some.

«On November 9, a long-awaited episode of “Chainsaw Man” was broadcast that included a fan-service segment long awaited by readers of the original manga. However, some viewers were concerned about the “creepiness” of the protagonist, Denji, perhaps due to the realistic direction of the animation. «In the fifth episode, Denji, having fulfilled his end of the bargain with Power, gets permission to grope her boobs as a reward. It’s a reward he’s dreamed of all his life, but the texture he felt was far from what Denji had imagined, and he felt depressed instead. After that, Denji consulted with Makima, his superior, about the difference between dreams and reality. In response, Makima teaches him a secret behind “true perversion”, inviting Denji to grope her breasts.». “And Power and Makima’s fan-service doesn’t end there, with the demon hunter Himeno offering a tongue kiss as a reward to whoever she kills the demon they hunted as a team. It is an episode in which Denji’s wishes were exposed more than ever, Tatsuki Fujimoto, the author of the original story, who was broadcasting the situation in real time on Twitter, had no choice but to react by writing, “This is quite a lot! obscene!”».

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«All scenes depicted in the animation are based on the original storybut in the original manga they were more comical than erotic in tone, actually. In contrast, the “Chainsaw Man” anime is clearly made with a more realistic approach. Maybe for this reason, the direction of the fan-service scenes and Denji’s acting policy were a bit heavy for some». “In networks you can read opinions like: “Denji never seemed awkward to me when I read in the manga, but in the anime he’s pretty creepy“; “I don’t remember Denji being this creepy.“; “There was too much effort in the scene of Power groping and being groped. She reached the level of awkward“; “Denji’s voice acting stops being funny and starts being vomit in scenes like this“». «Of course, Denji is a boy in the guise of an adult, and one of the main themes is that his life is motivated by pure desire. As for portraying this point truthfully, the production is probably not wrong. In fact, Shihei Lin, the editor of “Chainsaw Man,” explained about the meaning of Makima’s fan-service scene in the fifth episode, and his explanation was well received. “’I think that in sex, the more you understand the other person, the better you feel.‘ are Makima’s words. Seriously, I want these words to reach many young people today. It is a scene that made me personally think that the pleasures of a carefully constructed life are also pleasant, more than the pleasures of a momentary relationship.“. The representation of Denji’s wishes, more graphic than the original, will it be good or bad? It is interesting the reaction of the new fans who knew “Chainsaw Man” only with the anime».

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