Tue. Apr 16th, 2024

Today ends the first edition of Accountex Spain, a very important event at European level, which aspires to be the reference meeting in our country for law firms, tax and labor consultancies. Zucchetti Spain has been present with management software solutions for consultancies and offices of Altai Soft. During the event, HR Mobility solutions for the management of company trips, expense notes and vehicle fleets were also presented. “Firms are a group with specific business needs. Using technologies that allow tasks to be automated will translate into a reduction in costs, elimination of errors and improvement in the quality of the service offered”, explains José Luis Pradillo, Director of Operations at Altai Soft.

Innovative solutions at Accountex Spain

Through the Zucchetti Spain solutions presented at Accountex Spain 2022, consultancies and professional firms, as well as the accounting departments of companies, can be better prepared to face the challenges of digital transformation in the management of procedures with administrations publicAn area of ​​great importance in the management of a company’s accounts is the control of expense reports, business travel expenses and the costs of the vehicle fleet.

These are the solutions presented at Accountex Spain 2022

In order for accounting departments to be able to optimize costs and have all the proof of expenses, it is important to have state-of-the-art tools such as Zucchetti’s ZTravel, solutions for the intelligent management of business trips and travel expense reports. ZTravel and ZCarFleet solutions, companies improve their business travel planning processes, manage the transport routes of their vehicle fleet and control the expenses that occur during trips. These solutions integrate effectively with business management tools and they allow companies to have all the tickets, invoices and expense notes that can be deducted, facilitating the work of accounting management.

By Alvaro Rivers

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