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As cybercrime converges with the methods of advanced persistent threats, cybercriminals are finding more ways to weaponize new technologies at a scale sufficient for further disruption and destruction. his threat intelligence and research team, FortiGuard Labs, on the cybersecurity landscape for the coming year. “Organizations will be better positioned to protect against these attacks with a cybersecurity platform integrated with networks, endpoints and the cloud that enables automated and actionable threat intelligence, along with advanced behavior-based detection and response capabilities.” , says Derek Manky, Chief Security Strategist & VP Global Threat Intelligence at FortiGuard Labs.

Cybersecurity predictions 2023

Cybersecurity One of the most important defense methods to defend against these deployments is cybersecurity education and training. Many organizations offer basic security training programs for employees, but should consider adding new modules that provide education on detecting new attack methods, such as threats enabled by AI. Metaverse, Although these new online environments they open up a world of possibilities, they also cause an unprecedented rise in cybercrime in uncharted territory. For example, an individual’s avatar is essentially a gateway to personally identifiable information (PII), making them prime targets for attackers.

More destructive attacks, powered by Cybercrime as a Service, AI and automation will shape the cybersecurity landscape in 2023

Cybercriminals hire detectives to be more effective in their attacks. Like the information that can be obtained by hiring a private investigator, Reconnaissance-as-a-Service offerings can offer attack models that include an organization’s security scheme, the key cybersecurity personnel, the number of servers they have, known external vulnerabilities, and even compromised credentials for sale, or help cybercriminals carry out a targeted and effective attack. Automation will drive money laundering, Laundering is done usually through anonymous transfer services or through cryptocurrency exchanges to avoid detection. Creating mule recruitment campaigns has historically been a lengthy process, as cybercriminals go to great lengths to create fake organization websites and subsequent job listings to make their businesses appear legitimate. Marketing Wiper malware will allow more attacks. destructive, Disk wiping malware has made a dramatic comeback in 2022, introducing new variants of this decade-old attack method. Implications of These Attack Trends for Cybersecurity Professionals, The World of Cybercrime and their attack methods in general continue to escalate at a rapid rate. The good news is that many of the tactics they use to execute these attacks are known, which better positions security teams to protect against them.

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