Tue. Sep 26th, 2023

Forget the word metaverse. It is more of a concept to which the owner of a social network has wanted to give a name to improve the slow, but prolonged decline of his company. Let’s talk better about virtual reality and its evolution and the possibilities it offers and, above all, what it can offer. One of the companies that sees more possibilities for this technology is Salesforce. It is not for less, given that its raison d’être lies in the client and in giving him all the options he needs and offering him the most personalized experience possible. The company, which leads the CRM market, has worked with YouPlanet to develop its virtual reality space. A space that opens up an infinite world of possibilities and in which Salesforce rules out, contrary to what happens with the owner of the famous social network, that it will assume that all companies and users will only interact in the virtual world in a majority way. On the contrary, in Salesforce they see it as one more option to be closer to the client. At Byte TI we have gotten into that Salesforce VR to check what those options are. I have to admit that until that meeting I was skeptical about the possibilities that virtual reality could offer. My thinking has changed. I will explain later why.

where do you enter

The Salesforce and YouPlanet solution is developed so that any neophyte in the field can handle the virtual world from the first moment. Once the user puts on the virtual reality glasses and arms himself with the two joysticks, he will access a couple of applications that will guide him in the process of getting used to “living” in that new world. Once this procedure has been completed, you can drive in any of the available spaces. In this case, we enter the offices of the Salesforce headquarters in San Francisco (USA) where the meeting will take place. The feeling is as if the user were inside a video game, although there are sections in which the feeling is as if you were in the real world. For example, when the virtual avatar (that is, ourselves) approaches the window of the office or the room in which the meeting is taking place, what he sees is the same city of San Francisco in a totally real way. . That feeling changes inside any of the Salesforce headquarters spaces. Do not be scared, in a short time, when virtual reality develops more, the feeling of reality will be as if you were in your own home, in a bar or in the office.

Salesforce, which leads the CRM market, has worked with YouPlanet to develop its virtual reality space: a metaverse to attract customers

At the moment, it has already been achieved that a meeting can be held in a virtual environment without any type of incident. The user can sit in a chair or have a virtual coffee while paying attention to the meeting and watching the presentation on the screen in the room. This presentation does move away from the sensation of a video game: if the user is only looking at the screen on which it is being developed, he does have the impression that he is in a real environment.

endless possibilities

The biggest advantage of this presentation is that it is totally immersive. The user pays only attention to it: he is not distracted, nor is he tempted to look at the mobile, nor does he pay attention to anything other than the presentation. That is to say, for a marketing department it is the ideal solution: it knows that all the users registered in a virtual meeting or event are going to be permanently attentive, so the only thing left is that the message that is elaborated by the company be attractive. This ultimately translates into greater knowledge of the customer and therefore opens up a world of possibilities to give him a much more personalized experience. Likewise, in the virtual meeting, it was explained how a person who, for example, is thinking of buying a car , you can ride on it and decide which accessories you want to purchase. The same happens with a house: a decoration studio makes an exact virtual copy of it so that it is the same user who decides if he wants to place a certain type of shelf or sofa. Salesforce’s objective seems to extend its CRM to the world virtual, so that the company is even closer to the customer. Since you can touch and decide what you like or don’t like, the organization instantly sends an e-mail to the user to offer them the possibility of purchasing a certain product. We could verify this in a walk around the outside of the offices in which if a button located on a panel was pressed, Salesforce promised to plant a tree. An email was immediately received from Salesforce informing of the user’s contribution. In short, we are facing a world that is still in its infancy, but one that will offer many possibilities. Among the sections to improve, two: the feeling of being in a video game and the second, the use of glasses. And it is that after an hour of meeting, they end up being annoying. Something that technology can’t solve

By Alvaro Rivers

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