Wed. Oct 4th, 2023

Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Instagram / News / Discord /Telegram / Google News The hype for the most recent season of Stranger Things has passed, but that does not mean that everything is said for the franchise until its next premiere. Its value as a multimedia IP provides various opportunities and one of them will take place in the controversial, but exciting, virtual reality gaming sector and the best thing is that you can play as one of its greatest villains.
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Become a Vecna ​​in Stranger Things VR

The official channels of Stranger Things on social networks showed a new trailer for the virtual reality game Stranger Things VR that is developed by Tender Claws and with a view to debuting in 2023. Contrary to what one might think from the perspective of the heroes, in this case the youngsters from Hawkins, in this title the player will take on the role of the villain, Vecna, because the idea is that they can experience the other side of reality, where the nightmare that gave rise to this monster takes place.

That said, it is a fact that Stranger Things VR will allow us to terrorize the inhabitants of Hawkins and the protagonists of the series, including the deadly final move with which he steals his life. According to official information, Stranger Things VR will arrive on different VR devices next year, although the final list has not yet been confirmed. Since we are talking about virtual reality, we remind you that the controversy is on top of Sony after the revelation of the price of PSVR2 as it exceeds that of PS5. However, the expectation is that the device has enough to give that much-needed push for this technology and its devices on the market. Still here at WTTSpod.
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