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The Naruto spin-off has brought back the great protagonist of the saga. And that also means the return of the magnificent Sakura.

Naruto’s return has revealed Sakura in the spin-off. The protagonist has returned with a new manga and it is one of the best spin-offs they have done to date. The Uchiha and the Heavenly Stardust was released this fall and has already put Sasuke fans on their toes. After all, the series revolves around the Uchiha and one of his most important missions in his entire history. And now its latest chapter has thrown fans a mouthful with a special surprise from Sakura.

How does the female character fit into the story?

This all happens shortly after the second chapter kicks off. There readers see how Sasuke meets a new ally. Gigi is quite a boisterous guy. During one of his assignments, the newcomer manages to get hurt. and that’s where we get a taste of how Sakura fits in in this Naruto spin-off. Sasuke may be undercover in jail, but he’s not the only Hidden Leaf ninja in the area. According to Gigi, there’s a new doctor on the premises who supervises the patients, and is very excited to see her given how beautiful she is. The clues they have left along the way are more than evident “There is a new doctor. A true charmer, easy to see and also single, ”reveals Gigi. As can be seen in the tweet that we have shared in the previous paragraphs, a kind of silhouette of the doctor appears while she talks with Sasuke. It is quite easy to distinguish its shape. Even without her traits, the doctor in question is none other than Sakura Haruno. So while Sasuke is in jail, his wife is gathering information behind the scenes. A treat for Naruto fans!Share0

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