Tue. Sep 26th, 2023

The tenth edition of the report on IT outsourcing in Spain, prepared by the consultants Quint and Whitelane Research, has shown that Ibermática, year after year, has been at the top of the ranking of the best outsourcing providers in the country. this time, and as far as the company is concerned, services offered to 37 of its clients have been analysed, of which 97% have been satisfied or very satisfied with their work, with only 3% being declared somewhat Dissatisfied. In addition, when asked if they would renew the service with their current provider, Ibermática stands out among all the best IT providers in the ranking, being the company that would obtain the highest renewal rate at first, tied with Kyndryl.

IT Outsourcing with Ibermática

Ibermática alone leads the section that evaluates the flexibility to adapt to changes in contractual conditions, with a score of 85. It also stands out in a new indicator, that of sustainability, occupying the second position among the service providers that use the technology in a more sustainable way.

Ibermática celebrates a decade among the best IT outsourcing providers in the market

IT Outsourcing Report 2022Report on IT Outsourcing 2022In addition, it stands as the best provider of application development, maintenance and testing services, with 83 points and full of satisfied customers, and among the four main ICT companies in data center services, managed infrastructure services and hosting, among other sections.

By Alvaro Rivers

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