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Next week, specifically on November 17, the I Edition of the RPA Summit will take place. The event will take place at the headquarters of Tecnun/Universidad de Navarra in Madrid. Thanks to it, attendees will be able to learn about the reality that surrounds the world of RPA, how it can be implemented correctly or what processes are likely to be automated. , aims to resolve any type of doubt about how to implement RPA, what processes can be automated or how the adoption of RPA technologies improves the productivity of the company. About the event, we spoke with Txema Arnedo, Coordinator of the RPA Summit 2022 and CEO of GAMERING SA

Interview with Txema Arnedo, Coordinator of the RPA Summit 2022 and CEO of GAMERING SA

How do you see the evolution of RPA among Spanish companies?Taking into account that we are talking about a relatively recent technology, RPA commercial platforms entered the world market about 10 years ago, in Spain we are still in an incipient phase of implementation. We could say that we have passed the visionary phase and we are in the innovator phase, so the market potential is great for the coming years.If you had to point out some of the advantages of RPA technology, what would it be?To begin with, I would say that RPA is one of the latest truly transversal technologies, it can be applied in all functions of the company, in all sectors and practically in any size of organization. From there I would highlight the flexibility and scalability of RPA, since once the RPA platform has been implemented, the robot as we call it colloquially, it is possible to automate any process in any functional area. That it is a non-invasive technology, that is to say that there are no changes to our current system architecture, is another great advantage of RPA. And the most recognizable advantages in the ecosystem are, without a doubt, the increase in productivity and the reduction/elimination of errors, which means that RPA Projects not only have short development and implementation cycles, but also have a Very fast ROI.Do companies know the strategy they should follow to implement RPA solutions? In your opinion, what is wrong?Spanish organizations, for now and in general, do not have a clear strategy as to how to scale RPA. This is reasonably normal, since being a “new” technology there is not much experience regarding the impact of its implementation. In Spain we have some important implementation and scaling success stories but they are in large companies, which can deploy the necessary resources to ensure success, but there are not so many success stories in small and medium-sized organizations that in many cases remain “stuck” after carrying out a first pilot, regardless of its success. The biggest obstacle to the effective implementation of RPA in organizations is change management. The automation of work is always viewed with misgivings by human personnel and it is necessary that any RPA project, even a pilot, include a strong change management component that allows the collaborators involved, in the process to be automated, to become defenders and even drivers of automation with RPA.What will RPA Summit attendees see?The RPA Summit 2022 will consist of two blocks of about 2 hours each. The first will be focused on How to start RPA” and the second on How to scale RPA in organizations? In each block we will have 2 or 3 practical and real cases of organizations presented by the users themselves, followed by a Panel of Experts, a round table, where RPA Platform Companies, Consultants, Partners and Integrators will participate, providing the different ways and strategies to address the problem. central theme of the block.What do you hope to achieve in this first edition?In this first edition of the RPA Summit, which will be held on November 17, we hope to reach around 100 registered attendees, both face-to-face and online, to begin to position the event as an essential annual event for the RPA ecosystem. Keep in mind that although it is a free event for attendees, places are limited and we will apply a selection process for attendees, based on their LinkedIn profiles, which ensures the training and interest of the participants.What makes this event special? Who is it for?We understand that the RPA Summit is one of the few opportunities that small and medium-sized Spanish companies have to see, in a single morning, some of the different options that are in the market regarding RPA. Not only in terms of technologies but also in terms of strategies both to start and to scale. Until now, small and medium-sized organizations have been able to many single-platform events and presentations but very few that are multi-platform and where it is possible to assimilate the different options more quickly.

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