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The editorial Takehobo published a peculiar press release reporting an error made on one of the pages of the erotic novel written by Sumi Ichiya, Sasen-saki wa Josei Toshi! Bijo-tachi to Okuru Icharabu Harem Toshi Seikatsu (Left to the Women’s City! Living in a Flirtatious Harem City with Beautiful Women). The statement was made shortly after the volume’s release, in June 2021, but it wasn’t until recently that someone found it and shared it on Twitter, going viral. Before we see what the mistake was, let’s review the synopsis of this peculiar piece of modern literature:
Koichi dies prematurely by mistake, and as an apology, the goddess reincarnates him as Aristo, the son of a nobleman from another world. But it is a world in which men avoid women. It was an ultra-feminist world, in which men who could use magic, instead of being extremely rare, lived in elegance, while women, for the most part, were forced to live in certain cities.When Aristo stays in the Wimet Autonomous Region, a city of women in such a world, he becomes the center of attention in the city just by being nice to women in a normal way. And from the pure-hearted, whipped maiden to the busty lady and the robust-hearted guild boss, the beauties of the city of women are all kinky from head to toe!A harem fantasy over an entire otherworldly citywhere the bright and erotic women entice you to cross the line even if you are a discriminated man, and describe a city life full of sex!

Certainly, the theme is somewhat interesting, but the publisher Takeshobo reported that there was aedit error“, specifically on page 59, paragraphs 2 and 3. The statement explained at the time: The original text (the incorrect one) writes: «Even though he is from the nobility, there is not a hint of arrogance in him. Oh, my God. No, not my boobs! Aristo-sama, Aristo-sama, I’m coming! This is so good! Perhaps it was great luck that he was sent to Wimet».But the text should say: «Even though he is from the nobility, there is not a hint of arrogance in him. Perhaps it was good luck that he was sent to Wimet». So what was the mistake? Well, it turns out that someone from the edition mixed a normal paragraph of narration with another one that had sexual dialogue! Perhaps you had copied and pasted it and mistakenly pasted it where it didn’t belong? Sounds plausible enough, but if so, why did he specifically have those lines on his clipboard?
In fact, thanks to that altered paragraph, a video emerged that perfectly explains how the Japanese had to read it in their heads to make sense of it:

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