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Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Instagram / News / Discord /Telegram / Google News Bayonetta 3 has been desired for years and finally, we will be able to get our hands on the last game of the trilogy after a long period of development. There is good news, this third installment takes the best of the past to give us the best Hack and Slash on the Nintendo Switch. We can tell you that playing it is a real delight. I tell you everything in this review. Bayonetta’s story poses a new threat with an unknown origin, this time, humanoid beings invade our dimension. Its origin affects different dimensions and as you can imagine, Bayonetta will be the center of attention. The argument is based on Multiverses and as we had already anticipated, we will see different versions of Bayonetta in other times and dimensions. In addition to seeing the return of familiar faces like Rodin and Jeanne, we are introduced to Viola, a young witch who joins this battle for her own reasons. This story is full of clichés and is far from as interesting as the first games. It has a lot to do with it, Viola, that it is not enough to create empathy with the player. Although this improves as you progress through the story and meet this young witch through her katana. Luckily, the irreverence and good humor are always present, in addition to the strong personality of Bayonetta that we love so much.

a violent rhythm

Now let’s go to the most important thing the game system. A few good steps on the dance floor always turn heads and boy does the witch of Umbra know how to move with style. The frenetic pace of the battles, the variety of her combos and her spectacular attacks are all part of the package but there is more to it. The sensation of movement is unique, it is fantastic to feel the freedom to do what you want as you want in a simple way. Of course, the witch time could not be missing, this space-time advantage rewards us for dodging attacks at the last moment and is one of the factors that distinguishes Bayonetta from the rest. For variety we do not stop, there will be much to choose from. The weapons are a total exaggeration and that’s a good thing in such a surreal game. In Cherry’s arsenal we can use her classic pistols, fire yo-yos, a whip of thorns or a huge mallet in the shape of a train with chainsaws. I really enjoyed ripping my enemies apart with endless combos and classic climax moves, but there’s one big bonus. Each invocation is very different and gives a new touch to the fights
The demons will be your best allies Now we can make powerful summons thanks to the slave demon technique, this makes Bayonetta perform a ritual while summoning colossal demonic beings. There are old acquaintances like Gomorrah and her powerful jaws or Madama Buttefly, the giant woman who will trample everything that comes in front of us. Added to this we will have some others like a giant spider that can launch webs and leave explosive offspring or a demonic train to which we must trace an attack route. Each invocation is very different and gives a new touch to the fights. Being able to control these beings at will was a great idea that integrates organically into the battle system. The best thing is that this resource is constantly used without seeming like an emergency exit in the worst case. It is a tool that adds to an already long list of attacks.

“Each summon is very different and gives a new touch to the fights”

All this expands the number of combos and attacks that will be at our disposal, but there is still more. After collecting some orbs, we will be able to change them in a skill tree, this allows us to unlock new techniques by weapon but also by summoning. It is worth investing time and effort to improve your attacks since many of them look great and will make things easier for us.

triple spell

Does it seem little? Then we will add that it is possible to control more characters. The first is Viola, an inexperienced witch with a powerful katana that adds new attacks and a parry system, darts, and the ability to summon a huge cat. This summon works on its own but she will let us move while she helps us finish off the enemy. The feeling when playing with Viola is very different and gives a fresh air to this delivery. You’ll likely feel some similarities to Vergil if you’ve played Devil May Cry because of his katana attacks, but that will change when you get used to his other attacks.
There are notable differences between the two characters.There are notable differences between the two characters We can also use Jeanne, but here things are not so positive. It will only be available in special stealth-themed 2D levels which are honestly boring and don’t add any value to the game. The intention is that, as a spy, we infiltrate closed spaces full of enemies, surveillance cameras, and other dangers. To overcome this we must sneak through air vents, waterways and other paths where only Jeanne can cross. Although there are some fun details, in the end we will end up playing for mere commitment in the hope that the level will end soon. Something that surprised me is the variety of the levels and the incredible situations that I had to overcome. As for the levels, most of the locations are semi-open, this new structure of these scenarios allows free exploration, but it can weigh you down if you’re just looking for action. Although Bayonetta is a very varied game with chases, Kaiju fights and other surprises, exploration segments have been added that slam the brakes on the breakneck pace we are used to. Navigating the maps in search of rewards is fine, but there are times when you will feel that you are in a desolate place due to the lack of enemies. Fortunately, the movement of the characters is very agile thanks to their transformations, this makes the journey more enjoyable

A challenge

On the other hand, another aspect that deserves recognition is the performance of the Nintendo Switch. Despite having a lot of action on screen with enemies everywhere looking for your head, the game runs very smoothly. Although it’s far from state-of-the-art graphics, Bayonetta 3 looks really good. It is very rare that there are drops in its animation and the image remains stable when connected to the dock and in portable mode. It’s nice to see such a well-optimized game on a console to go. Of course, the graphic quality falls short. Despite its good performance, there are textures and some visual details that make Bayonetta look somewhat limited. On the one hand, the chase scenes with buildings look good because of the speed of the game or the transitions with moving stages are sublime. But there are other moments where everything goes slower and the lack of detail of some elements is noticeable. That is to say, although it looks very good due to its design, sometimes its technical section is a duty and takes the console to the limit.

“At times you will feel that you are in a desolate place due to the lack of enemies”

Despite this, the game is enjoyable and gives us the opportunity to play for a long time. Even though it may take you 15-20 hours to finish, you will find plenty of collectibles scattered throughout the levels. We can find orbs, items, chests, special missions or hunt creatures that keep tears of Umbra blood and much more. Bayonetta 3 includes a lot of content that will make you enjoy this title for a long time to get all the costumes, beat the side quests and unlock the special content in the gallery. In addition, there is always the possibility of replaying it on a higher difficulty. In addition to the content, it is also worth recognizing the art direction that maintains a line of design similar to past titles, but with great successes such as the new design of Bayonetta, weapons and demons. But where you get an ovation is in the audio, which plays an important role in setting the fights. In addition to its exceptional soundtrack that adapts to any situation; the roars; screams and the presumptuous voice of the sensual witch immerse us in the chaos that we like so much. And speaking of voices, Jennifer Hale did a terrific job of giving Bayonetta a new voice. The truth is that the actress was completely infected with the essence of Cereza and did an impeccable job, being able to leave the controversy in the past. Bayonetta 3 is a great title full of sensuality and violence that we recommend adding to your Nintendo Switch library and a must buy if you enjoy action games. This is the best game of the trilogy and PlatinumGames’ effort over the years is evident. A Hack and Slash that celebrates the return of Bayonetta and pushes the power of the Nintendo console to the limit.

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