Tue. Sep 26th, 2023

Nurses in Madrid will have to take a course to be able to dispense medicinesas indicated by the Community Governing Council. The approved Decree regulates the accreditation procedure for nurses in relation to the indication, use and authorization of dispensing medicines and medical devices. Nursing professionals who want to be accredited must have one year a minimum year of experience or pass a specific course organized with the Ministry of Health, which will be free for them. Enrique Ossorio, Vice President and Minister of Education and Universities, points out that the main objective of this Decree is that nurses, from public and private centers, can prescribe medications.
“These professionals from public and private centers in the region can perform these procedures with the drugs set by the Ministry of Health for the entire National Health System (SNS) and differentiated from those prescribed by medical professionals,” explains the vice president. and Minister of Education and Universities.

Nurses who do not have one year of experience must complete a specific course

The drugs that the nursing staff may prescribe are different from those prescribed by doctors. It is important to note that the list of medicines is not drawn up by the Community of Madrid, but by the Ministry of Health, and will be the same for all autonomous communities. A year ago, the Community accredited ex officio only the nursing professionals who provided their services in the centers attached to or linked to the Madrid Health Service (SERMAS).

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