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With the imminent release of Black Panther: Wakanda forever in theaters, today we bring you a series of recommendations for those who want to start reading his comics

With the grace of an animal of the jungle, the prince of Wakanda watches both the asphalt of the city and in the undergrowth of the savannah, because when danger lurks, he wears the clothes of the wild cat for which he is named. The Black Panther!

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There is nothing better to accompany a Marvel Studios premiere than a reading guide on how to start reading.


The most classic stage of Black Panther may not be the most recommended point to start reading about the King of Wakanda. But it would be very ugly not to take a look at the original stage that built the mythological bases of Black Panther and Wakanda. Jungle Action became the header that hosted the solo adventures of Black Panther and Don McGregor along with Rich Buckler for a long time. they built the myth of the hero through intense and devastating stories. They managed to turn Black Panther into one of the great icons of the Marvel Universe. We have the most classic numbers compiled in Marvel Gold.thick stories. For very coffee lovers. That allow us to know the first steps of the Prince of Wakanda and his encounters with the Marvel Universe. A must if you really like Black Panther.

Marvel Knights

marvel knights black panther

At the end of the 2000s, La Casa de las Ideas lived in times of change and Black Panther along with other heroes became the standard-bearers of this new paradigm with Marvel Knights. The new line for adult readers.Christopher Priest and Mark Texeira took T’Challa to the asphalt jungle, introduced the Dora Milaje, Bill Everett, confronted the protagonist with a good team of threats such as Mephisto or Killmonger as well as a dark sedition plot that would make Black Panther’s life a real hell. Black Panther’s stage in Marvel Knights definitely allowed the hero to enter the 21st century through the front door. With a much darker and more mature comic. Priest little by little was putting together a solid stage that today is remembered by everyone with a certain respect. Daughter of his time The stage did not invent the wheel but he knows how to play with the elements available to him and taking Black Panther out of the jungle soon has an exciting board that grows as the numbers go by. T’Challa had to face many challenges but he overcame the most important one with flying colors. The 21st century. An ideal comic to start reading Black Panther depending on the time that piques your curiosity the most.

marvel heroes

marvel black panther john romita jr

In more contemporary times, Black Panther once again received a new creative team and for the occasion also welcomed a new number 1. Reginald Hudlin and John Romita Jr. took over the new stage of Black Panther to narrate us again. again its origin updating it to the post-9/11 socio-political context that was breathed at the time and inadvertently began a stage to remember. Already in the first episodes. Shuri. T’Challa’s hitherto unknown sister was introduced to society. And Reginald after reimagining the origins of Black Panther from which they would later drink and a lot in the Marvel Studios movie. He led the King of Wakanda to the next chapter in life. Find love in Storm. And forge an alliance. Marriage. Black Panther and Storm said yes I do in the middle of the superheroic Civil War. And after that his path continued to surprise locals and strangers. Since the couple joined The Fantastic Four replacing Reed and Sue as the marriage of The First Family. But that is not all. Since Reginald apart from presenting Shuri as the technological genius that she is and introducing her to the Black Panther myth. He also dared to turn her into Black Panther. Shuri adopted the mantle of Black Panther during a season in which her brother was left out of the game. With hers more and her less. Reginald Hudlin’s Black Panther stage also rents as a first contact to start reading Black Panther. And more if you want to know the most superheroic profile of the King of Wakanda.


black panther the man without fear

After passing through The Fantastic Four and the events of Tierra de Sombras. Black Panther was in charge of replacing Daredevil as protector of Hell’s Kitchen for a season. And as such. He faced a series of threats with a low profile, moving away from the pomposity of the image of the King of Wakanda to take to the streets to face threats of social injustice and his particular Kingpin. Literally throwing himself into the mud. Black Panther learned a great deal of humility in this darker and more streetwise stage. Kraven the Hunter also became a tough nut to crack. David Liss and Francesco Francavilla weaved a memorable stage that threw the King of Wakanda into the mud and pitted him against another type of evil further removed from Wakanda but not so dissimilar to the threats to which has always had to face. A stage that breathes pure noir and that knew how to make the most of all its virtues. The truth is that it was quite a discovery and being short it comes in luxury.


black panther 7

Ta-Nehisi Coates and Brian Stelfreeze took control of the fate of Black Panther and Wakanda just a few months after their debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The authors once again updated the Black Panther myth, taking it to the 21st century until the last consequences. Since for the first time. The King of Wakanda would have to face a revolution that would forever change the political fabric of Wakanda. Black Panther embarked on an epic in which he had to face a thousand threats, discover important chapters of Wakanda’s past, reunite with old loves, new allies and endless memorable moments that weaved an unforgettable stage. And one of the best comics to start reading Black Panther. Without hesitation.


Subsequently. Ta-Nehisi Coates on this occasion accompanied by Daniel Acuña and other authors take the King of Wakanda to the Galactic Empire of Wakanda. And paying homage to the best science fiction pulp stories, they took Black Panther to live a new epic in which the King ceased to be King before the immensity of the new Empire that extended beyond the stars. A space opera that takes your breath away. And that elevated Black Panther to beyond infinity. In the end, if Black Panther has made something clear, it is that apart from having creative teams that have always contributed their particular vision of the hero, they have also contributed and underpinned important mythological elements while they grew and evolve the character within the Marvel Universe.


the long shadowBlack Panther by John Ridley and Juan Cabal is the most recent stage of the King of Wakanda. If you don’t want to waste time and start reading Black Panther now. Do not hesitate. And start with this stage. The others can wait. The Oscar winner. John Ridley. He takes the pulse of Black Panther, taking him through the terrain of the espionage thriller in which T’Challa will begin a journey throughout the Marvel Universe uncovering secrets that he would never have imagined revealing and that could change everything for Black Panther and Wakanda.Having started recently we have only been able to see a small teaser of the first plot arc but it is presented as a memorable stage. With an absorbing script. And an excellent drawing. At the moment it looks like it will be essential. I said. If you have just seen Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and you want to start reading Black Panther without fear of hundreds of issues. Start with this new stage published in Marvel Heroes. An ideal starting point to start reading. You will not regret it. And last but not least… SHURIShuri starred in his own comic drinking from what was seen in his Marvel Studios variant and taking advantage of Black Panther’s absence while he was missing discovering the dangers of the Wakanda Galactic Empire. Shuri took over the helm of the role of his brother. But this time he did not take the mantle of the Black Panther. Ndedi Okarafor and Leonardo Romero offered us a very fresh and fun comic. With wonderful drawings worthy of framing. A comic that gives good vibes. And that once again gave importance to Shuri who managed to star in his own series with his own name. Quite a noteworthy achievement!


agents of wakandaJim Zub and Paco Medina presented the series that came to replace the Agents of SHIELD but without SHIELD. And it is that in a world without SHIELD. Black Panther will reconfigure the espionage network by bringing together an unparalleled group of heroes including Okoye, Gorilla Man, Wasp and Ka-Zar among other surprises. An attempt to franchise the Black Panther brand beyond the King of Wakanda that failed to materialize.

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