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At the beginning of 2019, Grupo Bimbo identified the need to promote a digital transformation within its commercial operations, understanding that data was a key pillar to provide high-quality experiences to consumers. In relation to this, the company has chosen Microsoft to build a new system, supported by Power BI and Azure Synapse Analytics, with which to achieve significant improvements in the productivity and efficiency of its commercial area. “It was key to implement a system that had the potential to enrich the business to support and enable our frontline workers with new capabilities. In this way, we ensure their performance and drive decisions exponentially”, says Rubén Herrera, Global Vice President of Sales at Grupo Bimbo.


One of the main objectives of the use of data analytics in Grupo Bimbo is to manage and understand the information collected throughout the different sales channels. Known as “Route to Market”, the tool offers relevant metrics to different retailers for easy tracking. Route to Market also provides Bimbo’s business representatives with the numbers they need to work better with their customers. It is an unlimited analysis service, which combines the company’s data storage with the capabilities of big data, allowing the group to give meaning to key information and thus drive business.

Platform integrated with Microsoft

To transform its technological infrastructure, Grupo Bimbo developed a project with two fundamental objectives: replace an old legacy system developed internally by a partner redesign its procedures to use the available information more effectively

Grupo Bimbo transforms the data analysis of its commercial area, thanks to Microsoft solutions

Grupo Bimbo continued to work with Microsoft to build its infrastructure based on Azure Synapse Analytics and Power BI. All applications, sales, and catalog data originate from a single transaction system and are then copied to a separate database. Using a self-contained integration runtime, Azure Data Factory coordinates the data and moves it into a SQL database. This places them in a zone where they are ready to be transformed. With Azure Data Factory and Azure Databricks in Azure Synapse Analytics, data is filtered, processed, and fed into a semantic layer within the Microsoft solution. This information is then brought into Power BI through a direct query, where it can be viewed intuitively through different dashboards.

power BI

Power BI was the ideal choice for two reasons: its easy integration into the Azure environment that Grupo Bimbo already had, and the ability it offers for all the company’s employees to create visual dashboards simultaneously to bring more efficiency to operations. day-to-day operations.

By Alvaro Rivers

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