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Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Instagram / News / Discord /Telegram / Google News The console war is a recurring theme in the video game industry. Every day, dozens of fans take to social media to defend the platform of their choice and lash out at the competition. While the fights between PlayStation and Xbox fans continue and seem to have not, a player asked for the “help” of Goku himself. In case you don’t know, Mario Castañeda, a prestigious dubbing actor who plays the adult version of the Saiyan warrior in Dragon Ball, is part of a renowned personalized message platform. So fans can pay him to send greetings to family members or say a phrase in a character’s voice.
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Mario Castañeda, the Latin voice of Goku in Dragon Ball Z, speaks ill of the Xbox Series S for a request

Of course, there is always the possibility that the Mexican actor is unaware of the true intentions of the messages he records. Although the vast majority are birthday greetings and other celebrations, in recent months clips where he recreates phrases from memes have gone viral. He even sang Rosalía’s Saoko once at the request of a fan. However, a fan went further and asked for a very particular message that, without a doubt, caused a stir in the gamer community in recent days. Specifically, he managed to get Mario Castañeda to speak ill of the Xbox Series S, the cheapest version of Microsoft’s next-generation console. “Hello Natalia, I’m Goku! I hope your battle against [Xbox] Series S is satisfactory. As a warrior, you have won many battles. But now you have to fight against a huge ballast of this generation. I send you a big hello, I send you all my Ki and I send you a huge Kamehameha! ”Commented the dubbing actor with the voice of the Dragon Ball Z character.

Most likely, the voice professional was unaware that he was insulting the popular Microsoft console when he recorded the message. In any case, the video went viral and generated all kinds of comments. Although most users took it with humor, there were those who expressed their displeasure. “Mario Castañeda makes these types of videos as an honest way to earn a living. You ask him what you want him to say and you pay him, because it is his job. Now, I guess he did not imagine that they were going to use his video in order to generate hate on social networks, ”commented a user on Twitter.

The Xbox Series S debate

Without a doubt, the cheapest version of Microsoft’s next-gen console is the cause of numerous debates between fans and designers in the industry. A few weeks ago, Lee Devonald, an artist at Rocksteady Studios, criticized the Xbox Series S and blamed it for limiting the progress of the generation. In a similar vein, Bossa Studios artist Ian Maclure bluntly said that Microsoft’s less powerful hardware is a drag on production and that many developers find it difficult to get their games to run properly there. But tell us, what do you think of this situation? Do you think it’s wrong for fans to take advantage of actors to fuel the console war? Let us read you in the comments. You will find more news related to Xbox if you visit this page.
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