Fri. Mar 1st, 2024

Actor Daniel Radcliffe is constantly asked about Wolverine and it is something that is starting to tire him.

Daniel Radcliffe will always be remembered for playing Harry Potter, although since the saga about the brave wizard ended, he has starred in a bunch of quite different movies. Now he is presenting Weird: The Al Yankovic Story, where he plays a famous comedian. However, the shadow Wolverines pursues him and now insists that there is nothing with Marvel.In a recent interview with CB, Daniel Radcliffe He said, “With the Wolverine thing, it’s something I was wrong about… Since I sometimes said: I’ll be honest, that’s not a problem and that’s not happening. And then every once in a while I got bored of answering like that and I was like, Oh, come get me, Marvel! And then I thought: That was a silly thing to say. Why do I say those things? Every once in a while it resurfaces for a moment… I think it’s mostly gone at the moment.” In previous interviews, Daniel Radcliffe has revealed that he thinks the fans have chosen him as Wolverines because it is much lower than Hugh Jackmanso it could be a little closer to the representation that is usually given in the comics.

The character will return to the cinema in a big way.

For now Daniel Radcliffe cannot choose to be Wolverinesas Hugh Jackman will return to the role in the film Dead Pool 3 (2024). Something that surprised the fans a lot, since everyone thought that Logan (2017) would be his last portrayal of Marvel’s moody mutant. Although after that, who knows if the character is free. Would you like to see Daniel Radcliffe as Wolverine? Leave us your comments below in the opinion section. While we wait for it to be released Dead Pool 3 deliveries can be seen Marvel in Disney Plus with this link.

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