Sun. Feb 25th, 2024

Google Cloud presented this Thursday a product aimed at facilitating the work of Web3 developers called “Blockchain Node Engine”, a node hosting service compatible in the first instance with the Ethereum blockchainone of the favorite ecosystems for the creators of DeFi and Web3 projects.

What benefits does Blockchain Node Engine offer?

This service It will allow Web3 developers to build applications and all kinds of platforms much faster and more efficiently. by having a tool capable of monitoring nodes for developers and handling any potential issues that may arise at build time.
Blockchain Node Engine improves exponentially, the time it takes to launch a new node and the difficulty of keeping it runningbecause blockchains are based on networks of nodes or computers that run software to verify transactions and store historical data, being a key piece for decentralized peer-to-peer networks.

“Blockchain Node Engine reduces these pain points and additionally allows developers full control over where their nodes are deployed”.James Tromans
Director of Web3 Engineering at Google Cloud

This idea is born because blockchain nodes are often difficult to implement and require constant management, with this tool, developers will be able to deploy a new node with a single operation; compared to manual deployment which requires provisioning a compute instance, installing an Ethereum client, and waiting for synchronization with the network, which can take several days.

In conclusion

Blockchain Node Engine has the structure of Google Cloud that actively monitors the nodes and restarts them in case of problems. The service also offers high security standards in the hands of Google Cloud Armor services to protect nodes from DDoS attacks.

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