Tue. Apr 16th, 2024

Marking the three-year launch of the Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI) in Adobe MAX, the company has announced collaboration with industry-leading camera manufacturers Leica and Nikon. Aiming to implement provenance technology in two cameras: the iconic Leica M11 Rangefinder and the industry-leading Nikon Z9 mirrorless camera, bringing provenance and authenticity to digital images right as they are captured.

Implementation of provenance technology in Leica and Nikon cameras

These two partnerships will further the CAI’s efforts so that millions of photographers around the world can add the provenance of their images right at the moment of their capture, creating a chain of authenticity from the camera to the cloud. This is a critical step in building trust and combating widespread plagiarism issues as well as misinformation.

Leveraging Adobe’s partnership with Leica. Leica’s innovation and development team has recently implemented the C2PA standard on a Rangefinder M1* camera to demonstrate the new provenance technology for the first time. Each image is provided with a tamper-proof signature that documents essential information such as camera model, manufacturer and image content. This ensures an unbroken chain of authenticity from capture to completion. The first Leica cameras available with the C2PA standard are scheduled to hit the market in 2023.

Reaching millions of people with Nikon. Nikon has used the CAI open source toolset to implement this provenance feature, which is important as the CAI aims to drive greater adoption by developers and partners across various workflows and tools. Nikon is developing the C2PA provenance feature for an upcoming camera model.

Adobe unveils new partnerships with Nikon and Leica

New features in Photoshop, Verify and Open Source

The novelties are the following:


Content Credentials Now Available to All Individual Creative Cloud Subscribers in Photoshop Photoshop now supports multi-user, multi-device workflows New Content Credentials cloud, where users can post their Content Credentials to gain agility and save space in your files New and improved global settings in preferences give users more flexibility in when and how to use Content Credentials Improved support for a number of Photoshop actions now means creators can use their workflows while getting all the benefits of content credentials, including working with smart objects


Verify has been updated to support searching and retrieving the provenance and attribution history of Content Credentials export files in the cloud. This enables the innovative ability to ensure that Content Credentials are permanently associated with your content, regardless of where it is located.

Open source tools

Adobe’s Content Credentials team provides three options for open-source tools to implement C2PA standards beyond Adobe applications. These tools include options ranging from lightweight JavaScript for reading Content Credentials on your site or app to fully customizable tools with the full SDK. Support for selected video and audio formats and mobile development

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