Sun. Feb 25th, 2024

Gone is the saying that “the uglier the man, the more beautiful” and similar sayings. Men today take care of themselves as much as women and it could not be otherwise, in a society that seeks to break with differences and be more egalitarian every day. Especially the new generations have introduced the routine of facial care in their day to day, along with the practice of sports or the use of social networks. It is a fact, young people want to look good and they know that to have healthy skin you have to take care of it daily. Now, what are the current trends for skin care? Are these the same for men? Perhaps you already sense the answer: a little of everything, like in a pharmacy. Clearly, the skin of men and women is different and therefore the products are adapted for each other. There are also different types of skin (oily, dry and combination) and various skin conditions, such as acne or rosacea. However, care trends are similar and, whatever your skin type, you will find the product you need without spending more with the Druni discount code. The most fashionable trends among young people are the following: This trend comes from Germany and its philosophy is simple: use solid, more natural, organic and sustainable cosmetics. Because sustainability is something that must be applied in everything, currently it is sought to put aside chemical and synthetic products, replacing them with ecological products, less aggressive for the skin and more respectful of nature. In line with the previous trend is this one and links to the philosophy of “less is more” and proposes a short care routine. It is preferable to use fewer products, but they are effective and shorten the time to get the skin ready. This routine comprises only three steps: cleaning, hydration and photoprotection. For this, facial cleansing in the morning and at night is sufficient, the use of a moisturizing cream with sun protection for the day and a moisturizing cream or a mask with vitamins A and C at night. Accustomed to Anti-age cosmetics, today proposes a different approach to the signs of age. Since aging is inevitable, the important thing is not to try to eliminate the signs of the passage of time, but rather that they appear as late as possible. That is why early facial care, from a young age, is essential. Pro-age products seek prevention and balance. What are the facial care products? The facial cleanser, to keep the skin clean. Instead of using soap, which leaves an extra layer on the skin, it is preferable to use facial cleansers and micellar water. Facial scrubs are also often used, once or twice a week. Moisturizing cream, better if it contains hyaluronic acid or vitamin C, to strengthen and restore the protective barrier of the skin, and make it younger, homogeneous and hydrated. eyes, because the skin of the eyes is much more sensitive and needs special care. The serum, which is a concentrate of active ingredients, is why it is so effective. In addition to the skin serum, the eyelash serum is also used, to keep them well hydrated and with more body. Sunscreen is essential, but the most common is to use moisturizing creams that already include photoprotector. And to treat the specificities of each skin? Specific products for men tend to have more texture and effective moisturizing that is quickly absorbed, whether it is a serum, moisturizing cream or aftershave lotion. To care for different skin conditions, young people rely on medicine and pharmacy products. It is preferable to visit a dermatologist who knows how to give the correct guidelines and the most appropriate treatment in each case. Masks are also used once or twice a week, depending on skin type. And you, do you have a routine to take care of your skin?

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