Mon. Apr 15th, 2024

Data visualization solutions are emerging as the main needs of many companies. For this reason, Keepler Data Tech and Domo have agreed to establish a collaborative relationship. This agreement will allow Keepler to offer its clients access to data and knowledge through the development of reports and dashboards and to enhance any action, process or workflow that has an impact on business results. “Keepler offers our mutual clients innovative and strategic value to drive digital transformation in any organization, and the power of the Domo platform is reinforced by the experience that Keepler offers”, comments Amir Jamal-Hanjani, Iberia regional director of Dome.

data analytics

Domo’s solution for data analytics and visualization analyzes in an agile way, while making the data they need available to the entire organization. All this in a personalized and interactive way.

Keepler and Domo join forces to promote data visualization solutions

In this way, the solution offers its clients three key elements for data analytics: High availability of relevant information and KPIs, creating automated reports and being able to distribute the results to the teams from a very intuitive interface. Personalized experiences, illustrating the analyzes with interactive and personalized data stories that reinforce the arguments behind the data. Making more accurate and immediate decisions, thanks to access to the platform from any device and its alarm system.

By Alvaro Rivers

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