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Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Instagram / News / Discord /Telegram / Google News You may remember that in the midst of the controversy over payment for her rejected performance in Bayonetta 3, Hellena Taylor, the former voice of Bayonetta, asked to boycott the game and donate the money to several associations, including an anti-abortion one, which caused some followers of the actress to stop supporting her and vice versa. Well, one of the actresses with a starring role in the title did something similar, but moving away from conservative ideas and thus to support an organization that provides help to transgender people. The voice actress we are talking about is Anna Brisbin, the one in charge of playing Viola, the new Witch of Umbra who plays an important role in the plot of this installment, and who has also participated in Pokémon, Final Fantasy, God of War, River City Girls and Disney. Don’t forget to follow us on Google News.
Image: Anna Brisbin, via YouTube
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Viola actress in Bayonetta 3 launched a charity campaign

This actress has a very positive charisma and character and usually interacts a lot with her community and did not miss the premiere of Bayonetta 3, so she carried out a stream on Twitch in which she not only played the title in the company of her fans dressed as Viola and Bayonetta, but also launched a campaign to raise funds for Trans Lifeline, a nonprofit organization that provides support to transgender people in crisis, as well as TransgenderLawCenter. The good news is that the actress’s campaign had a very good impact, as her followers supported her and raised $5,170.69 USD in a single session, just over $100,000 MXN, which is an incredible amount. The actress mentioned that she will continue with the streams.

Below we leave you the images of Anna Brisbin so you can see how well the Viola and Bayonetta cosplay suits her, as well as a video in which she shows the process to become the favorite Umbra witch.
In case you missed it: Cherry and more Bayonettas await you in Bayonetta 3. What do you think of the action of this voice actress? Tell us in the comments. Bayonetta 3 is available exclusively for Nintendo Switch. You can find more news related to Bayonetta if you visit this page.
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