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Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Instagram / News / Discord /Telegram / Google News Henry Cavill is clearly a geek who loves both painting Warhammer figures and playing video games. A few years ago the British actor took advantage of the pandemic quarantine to put together an incredible gaming PC, but he hardly talked about the video games for which he used his powerful RTX 3090 card. Well, he has just announced the game that is captivating him and that has caused me to play many hours a day lately. It is somewhat unusual for an actor of Henry Cavill’s recognition to have video games and figure painting as a hobby, which is why many fans hold him in very high esteem to the point of considering him the ambassador of PC gaming. Well, that title is well earned, because he has just revealed a detail for which he could well be considered a hardcore or dedicated player. Don’t forget to follow us on Google News.
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What video games does Henry Cavill play and how much does he play daily?

We say this because Cavill has just participated in an interview with Happy Sad Confused, in which, when asked about how many hours of his free time he spends playing video games, he revealed that he spends more than 4 hours playing. “[Juego] a good amount [de horas]and when I say ‘a good amount’ that probably means a lot for those who do not play”, expressed Cavill and confessed that lately he has been playing Total War: WARHAMMER III, which was released in February of this year: “I love that game, it’s very good, it’s very good.
In case you missed it: Henry Cavill would like to star in a Warhammer series. Once talking about hobbies, Cavill was asked about his love of painting miniature Warhammer figures and how acquaintances tend to react when they discover his hobby. “Most of my friends and loved ones know about it and it’s not a shocking thing. A lot of my family likes it, but I’ve definitely proudly shown guests to my house my miniatures and they’ve been like ‘OK’, and so They’re like, ‘Oh yeah, that’s cool,’ and you can clearly see them thinking, ‘God get me out of here, I need another beer, I can’t keep pretending to be interested,'” Cavill joked. Cavill says he doesn’t have any outstanding possessions in his collection because he’s often on the road, but he did reveal that for the release of the Wrath of the Lich King expansion for World of Warcraft, Blizzard Entertainment sent him a huge statue of the Lich King. franchise key, which has a cost of around $1100 USD, approximately $22,153 MXN.

Would Henry Cavill like to make a video game?

Something interesting about the interview is that when asked if he would like to be involved in the development of a video game, either as a creative or a consultant, the actor mentioned that not for a good reason. “Um, I don’t know. I think there’s a lot of work behind it. [de los videojuegos] and I’m not quite sure I want to peek through the curtains and see all the 1’s and 0’s. I guess I’ll leave it to the experts and the programmers. I’m going to appreciate that job and let them do it. It is one of the things that I prefer to admire from the outside,” Cavill commented, although he confessed that he hopes eventually to be a producer of a film project. What did you think of Henry Cavill’s answers? Tell us in the comments. You can find more news related to Henry Cavill if you visit this page.
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