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The end of the restrictions due to the pandemic have made it possible for the Dell Technologies Forum to be held again in person. It is one of the main technological events in our country and it already has a celebration date: next November 30. The event will take place in Hall 2 of IFEMA in Madrid and attendees will have the opportunity to learn first-hand about the main ICT trends that are going through the rise of Multicloud and aaS; the evolution that the data center is undergoing and the involvement of Edge Computing with it; what is the future of the Workplace since organizations are combining the advantages of the face-to-face model with remote work and, of course, the challenges that companies face due to the increase in cyberattacks. It is, therefore, an essential event to find out what is moving in the world of technology and what it can offer to the IT departments of organizations. To this end, the Dell Technologies Forum will have the participation of CIOs, CSOs, CDOs, those responsible for technological projects in public and private organizations, consultants, integrators, distributors, wholesalers, technicians and experts in new technologies who will expose the main innovations, give know use cases or what advantages emerging technologies provide.

Attendees at the Dell Technologies Forum will have the opportunity to learn first-hand what the main ICT trends are

The Dell Technologies Forum will include a plenary session beginning with a welcome address from Michael Dell, the company’s president and CEO. Likewise, it will feature the intervention of Ricardo Labarga, general director of Dell Technologies in Spain, who will explain how Dell Technologies is managing to respond to the main challenges that organizations currently present in areas related to business, security, job of work or sustainability. It will be a very interesting session full of surprises in which there will be no shortage of case studies from different companies, who will share how their organizations are taking advantage of Dell Technologies solutions to add value to their business or activity.

Technology trends, real cases and networking at Dell Technologies Forum

Throughout the day of the Dell Technologies Forum, 28 parallel sessions will also take place on the most innovative technological solutions and trends, which will be organized around four fundamental areas: Multicloud & aaS; Future of the Job; Modern Data Center & Edge and Security. These sessions will be led by local and international experts from Dell Technologies, from other leading technology providers, such as Intel, AMD or VMware, and from Dell Technologies partners in the Spanish market, such as Atos, IPM, Kyndryl and Omega Peripherals. Thus, the sessions included in the Multicloud & aaS area will focus on the optimization of technological assets through flexible payment models. At this time, any organization can access the most advanced technologies related to the cloud, storage or security by paying for them according to their needs. Here Dell APEX stands out, the proposal of Dell Technologies in the as a Service mode. In the section on the Future of the Workplace, solutions aimed at increasing the productivity of people and organizations in a hybrid and sustainable work environment will be presented. The protagonists of these sessions will be the technologies related to virtual desktops, artificial intelligence and latest-generation hardware and software equipment. Software-based storage, the opportunities of edge computing or the latest innovations to maintain high performance in data centers will focus the sessions included in the Modern Data Center & Edge area. Finally, modern and adaptable data protection for multicloud environments, the application of Zero Trust strategies, and threat monitoring, detection, and recovery solutions will star in the sessions of the Security section. Dell Technologies Forum will also feature an exhibit area where Dell Technologies partners will show attendees how they are successfully applying Dell technologies to real projects. Finally, Dell Technologies Forum attendees will have the opportunity to exchange views and knowledge with each other throughout the afternoon and participate in a final celebration party at the WAH Show facilities. This year Dell Technologies Forum is supported by companies like Intel, Microsoft, AMD, Atos, Kioxia, VMware, Anadat Technology, Arrow, Brocade, Econocom, IPM, Kyndryl, Nvidia, Omega Peripherals, SCC, Software One, TD Synnex , Valorista, and Visiotic. Ricardo Labarga, general director of Dell Technologies in Spain, states that “I am very optimistic when thinking about everything we can achieve in the future thanks to technology. At Dell Technologies we are clear that progress is a team sport. For this reason, both the pioneers of the digital environment and the architects of innovation who will lead the next advances will be present at the Dell Technologies Forum. It will be impressive to be able to bring together so much talent on the same day and in the same space”.

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