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Truck&Wheel Group is a Spanish company dedicated to the global logistics sector -TW Logistics- and to the automotive sector -TW Automotive. The group, founded in 1998, was consolidated in the early years with a wide logistics and distribution network in Spain and, after its international expansion, currently has 42 delegations. Characterized by personalized customer service, experience in the sector and constant technological innovation, they are currently positioned as a reference Global Logistics Operator in Europe. In 2015 they diversified their activity with the production of components and delivery in sequence for Premium automotive brands, constituting TW Automotive. This Tier 1 supplier of brands such as VW, Audi, Mercedes Benz or BMW currently has 5 highly robotized production plants in Mexico, USA and Germany. From TW Automotive they work side by side with their clients to become trusted partners, deepen their knowledge of the client from within and achieve maximum satisfaction, even anticipating their future needs. Based on values ​​such as innovation, commitment to high-performance teams, transparency, the use of the most innovative technologies, reliability or sustainability, the group currently has around 1,200 employees at TW Logistics and 800 at TW Automotive. .

Unify user and network protection to improve cybersecurity

With an IT team made up of more than 10 workers, one of whom is responsible for cybersecurity, TW Automotive is made up of several plants that share a 95% homogenized infrastructure but operate independently of each other. In addition, they are supported by a central team highly prepared for the management, assessment and implementation of complex projects. They have an IT infrastructure made up of 320 computers and 90 servers. Faced with geographic dispersion and the constant evolution and sophistication of cyberattacks, the TW Automotive IT team decided to launch a renewal process to improve its security solutions and standardize operations at all its locations, unifying the management of its cybersecurity in a single point.

In order to achieve better user and network protection, the IT team was interested in upgrading the protection they already had with Sophos

To carry out this process, they turned to their partner Global Technology, an IT provider focused on helping companies protect their critical assets from the most common threats, providing highly qualified technicians and proven technology. In order to achieve better user and network protection, the IT team was interested in upgrading the protection it already had with Sophos, with whom it had been working for more than 20 years, to implement the new platform with XDR to have greater visibility against any cyber threat. To make the decision, Global Technology offered TW several technical demos of XDR products on the market and, after ruling out other solutions that did not fit as well in their infrastructure, they decided to bet on Sophos. “We have been working with Sophos for many years and we are very happy. It was the solution that we liked the most and that best met our needs, in addition to integrating perfectly with the rest of the cybersecurity solutions that we already had” explains Ladix Caballero, CISO of TW Group. The solution they implemented was Intercept X with XDR, which provides faster and more accurate detection and response for IT and security operations. Protection with new XDR capabilities enables IT managers to search for threats and fix problems by eliminating stealth threats, to improve operational efficiency. In addition, it offers greater visibility of the IT infrastructure, from the endpoints to the cloud, a key aspect for the TW Automotive IT team. For the company, the implementation of the solution was quite simple, since they had the Sophos Central unified management console and Sophos desktop protection, so they only had to add the XDR functionalities. This cutting-edge technology, combined with world-class protection, enables TW Automotive to stop threats before they become incidents. “The project is now finished and the new solution works perfectly. With the help of Sophos Central our operating costs have been significantly reduced. Now we have greater visibility of what is happening on our computers and servers and the power to anticipate numerous types of problems or incidents,” says Caballero.

TW Automotive reduces vulnerabilities by 50% using Sophos solutions

With Sophos’ next-generation cybersecurity solutions, the company has managed to improve its efficiency, as they are now able to manage a larger number of devices. Additionally, by implementing Intercept X with XDR, TW Automotive has reduced the vulnerability of its systems, increasing visibility into its IT infrastructure by 50% and reducing the amount of spam. “What stands out most about Sophos solutions is that they are easy to manage and very efficient on the protection side. Supported by Sophos XDR technology and Global Technology services, we now have more capacity to react to any alert or incident and we can also investigate and analyze in detail any suspicion, threat or compromise index within our systems, something that marks the difference” assures the TW Group CISO. In the process of improving the cyber protection of TW’s IT infrastructure, the company’s IT and security departments point out that Sophos is a manufacturer with a very broad portfolio and they are always evaluating improving their security. As next steps they plan to include TW Logistics and apply the same security measures already defined and deployed in TW Automotive, for which they plan to count on Sophos technologies and the support of Global Technology.

By Alvaro Rivers

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