Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

The Rugby League World Cup (RLWC) 2021 has started, and the tournament will continue for another two weeks. CoinEx, the exclusive cryptocurrency trading platform partner of RLWC 2021, announced that it will create a CoinEx Rugby Players NFT Collection, a series of NFTs co-branded by CoinEx and RLWC 2021, in OneSwap Marketplace NFTan NFT market that will soon go live on the CoinEx SmartChain (CSC).

When NFTs join sports

Ever since the CryptoPunks introduced pixel art to NFTs, all sorts of image formats and art styles, spanning anime, mechanics, and minimalism, have entered the NFT market. This, coupled with the emergence of celebrity NFT holders in the past year, has caused NFT prices to skyrocket. Later, big companies from various industries soon followed suit and also began to pursue NFT innovations, focusing on works of art and collectibles. Thanks to their unique proprietary characteristics in the digital world, NFTs have enormous potential in all fields. However, compared to categories like GameFi and works of art, the esports sector only offers a few NFTs. In this context, the NFTs of CoinEx Rugby Players they offer an opportunity for major sports leagues to enter the NFT market. This new series of NFTs represents cross-sector collaboration between NFTs and the sports community. It is a good practice done by the blockchain space and the sports industry.

As proofs of ownership of crypto assets, NFTs will drive the growth of the sports memorabilia market, with NFT sports collectibles expected to reach $92 billion by 2032, according to research data provided by Market Decipher. In recent years, the real-world sports memorabilia market has always been driven by high demand, which has allowed prices to rise significantly. However, due to geographical limits, physical memorabilia is not readily available to sports fans around the world. The NFTs of CoinEx Rugby Playersinstead, they transcend all barriers and allow rugby fans around the world to purchase RLWC memorabilia on OneSwap anytime, anywhere. OneSwap Marketplace NFT is a recently launched NFT marketplace on the CoinEx Smart Chain (CSC). As a bridge between sellers and buyers of NFTs, the marketplace allows users to mint, buy and sell cryptocurrency artwork and digital collectibles. Covering NFT categories including charity, arts, entertainment, gaming, sports, and collectibles, OneSwap Marketplace NFT makes it easy to trade NFTs through user-friendly webpages and simple operations. OneSwap Marketplace NFT, built on top of CSC, offers negligible gas fees thanks to CSC’s assured efficiency and low fees. In addition, the market allows users to mint NFTs for free, which minimizes the cost of minting. Unlike most NFT marketplaces that require an exorbitant 2.5%-15% fee for each NFT transaction, OneSwap Marketplace NFT only charges a flat 2% fee. This holder-friendly rate is lower than the rate charged by most NFT markets.

Where can I get CoinEx Rugby Players NFTs?

Click on “Collections” on the NFT page, and select “CoinEx Rugby Players“;

Choose your favorite NFT from the collection and click on it to make an offer.

During RLWC 2021, we have seen how sporting events could stimulate the crypto economy. In particular, NFTs have become one of the most viewed cryptocurrency categories and are now valuable in social interactions thanks to their unique proprietary characteristics. By linking the crypto space with mainstream communities, NFTs have become an identity or credential in the real world, thus NFTs are becoming more and more integrated with sports. The NFTs of CoinEx Rugby Players they are a case that demonstrates the successful combination between the crypto economy and a top-level sporting event. We look forward to seeing more cross-industry NFTs on the OneSwap NFT Marketplace.

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