Mon. Apr 15th, 2024

Actor Sam Heughan (Outlander, Bloodshot) auditioned to be James Bond a long time ago, but Daniel Craig was hired instead.

Many actors have revealed that they reached the later stages of casting to play james-bond in Royal Casino of 2006. Like for example David Tennant, henry cavill And now it’s Sam Heughanwell known for the series Outlander where he plays Jamie Fraser. In a recent interview, Sam Heughan explains to ew why he failed to try to land the role of Jams Bond. “It was quite an experience. It was a stage in my life where I probably wasn’t ready for it, but I wonder what would have happened if I had.”

He also talked about the character’s future.

“Look, certainly every British actor has been talked about for the part. I’d love to see a Scottish Bond. Maybe I’m already too old. I know they’ve been talking about making it younger. I feel like that’s where they’re going to go, but who knows what they have in mind.”Currently Sam Heughan is 42 years old (April 30, 1980) and could have a new opportunity to be james-bond, as they are looking for an actor to reboot the character. Since the stage of Daniel Craig is finished after no time to die of 2021.Sam Heughan would be a good option to be james-bondsince it proved to play a great role in SAS: Rise of the Black Swan (2021). Also, when preparing the character he had 007 in mind. “He’s a great character. He is a dark character. SAS: The rise of the Black Swan that I did was very much my homage to the world of James Bond. We work very closely with Andy McNab, who is a highly decorated British Special Forces operator. It’s all based on him, the character, so in a way it’s a more interesting role than Bond. That was an amazing experience to study him and learn about his experiences. So, I feel like maybe I’ve tasted that world.” concluded Sam Heughan.

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