Tue. Apr 16th, 2024

With the rise of hybrid working, the digital experience of employees becomes essential. So for many organizations, this requires advanced technology to proactively monitor, analyze, and troubleshoot devices. On this, HP has presented HP Device as a Service + (DaaS +) Hybrid, a set of managed services that responds to the need of organizations to have devices with support and services aimed at offering a better experience.

HP DaaS+ Hybrid

The services make it easy for employees to ship new PCs to employees’ homes or offices, because when a PC needs to be replaced, employees can receive a replacement the next business day thanks to HP’s Advanced Unit Exchange service.

This is how HP DaaS+ Hybrid improves business results

It also helps organizations streamline vendor management and simplify IT management. And for many, the scope of today’s IT tasks requires a smarter, more strategic approach that can optimize IT spending and simplify the acquisition of new services through simple, single-vendor solutions that have the scale and the capabilities to provide comprehensive services anywhere in the world. Finally, hardware, software, and services are combined into a single contract with a flexible consumption model that can help optimize budgeting, upgrade cycles, and free up cash flow.


HP DaaS+ Hybrid is now available in Spain, the United States, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, France, and Italy.

By Alvaro Rivers

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