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Ryan Murphy gave details about the behind the scenes of Vigilante, the new Netflix horror series. Plus, he linked her to Dahmer.

Netflix is making the most of the month of October. This part of the calendar, which includes the commemoration of Halloween, is a gold mine for Hollywood. In this part of the year, producers take the opportunity to make titles with terrifying themes. This is the case of Vigilantthe new series that is on the platform. The show is directed by Ryan Murphy, one of the great horror minds on modern TV. The director, in fact, is the creator of the American Horror Story saga. The franchise of his ingenuity has collected several independent seasons and a stack of Emmy Awards. In addition, the developer has a very good day, since he has two productions in the Top 10 of the streaming service. He not only triumphs with Vigilante, but with DahmerHowever, on what inspired him for the first one he mentioned: “I immediately thought of my own family and I think of the idea of ​​how we are living in a world now where everyone in the whole world, I suppose, seems to be under attack in some way. and that idea of ​​’How do I keep my family safe?’ It was something that motivated me instantly.” These were the words of the co-creator of the psychodrama starring naomi watts Y bobby cannavale. “I wrote it on the note card and put it next to my computer when we were writing the scripts,” he added. In addition, he confessed in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that “I only do things that I want to see. I have a very strict rule about it and always have,” says the prolific producer. “And I always think that the more specific something is, the more universal it becomes. I don’t know if that’s one of the secrets of my career, it’s that I get obsessed with things.” He continued: “When I did Dahmer, which I did just before this, we researched that for 3.5 years, and that was interesting to me. . [El vigilante] it’s a very universal theme for me, which was fatherhood, I have three children, and this idea that you work so hard, you get the American dream; What if someone takes it away from him?” Murphy, who says he wrote each part with the actresses in mind and that they all said yes before even reading a script, said the investigation was still ongoing during filming, which led him to “wormholes” and even put it on the receiving end of spikes. “When we were filming it, things would appear in Reddit like: ‘Here’s a new suspect, here’s another idea.’ Here’s another thing & rsquor; ”, she says. “It was like working on something that was alive, we were constantly adding characters.” official synopsis indicates that after moving into their dream house in the suburbs, life for the Brannock family quickly turns into hell. Ominous letters from someone calling themselves “the Watcher” are just the beginning, as each neighborhood secret that comes to light is more sinister than the last. Inspired by the true story of the infamous “Watchman’s House” in New Jersey.

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