Fri. Mar 1st, 2024

Protecting personal information and sensitive business data is now more important than ever. Therefore, the use of encrypted internal solid state drives in portable devices is spreading rapidly. On top of this, Panasonic has integrated the latest encryption technology into its TOUGHBOOK devices to ensure data protection without affecting device performance. With this initiative, the technology company manages to protect possible usurpations and leaks of information, which today pose a danger to organizations, especially those dedicated to the defense industry. Viasat Data at Rest (DAR) hardware encryption tools are used by organizations around the world, and once integrated into a TOUGHBOOK device, companies ensure that their data is protected and transported with the utmost security. Petter Thomas, Regional Manager of Panasonic Mobile Solutions Business Division:

data protection

TOUGHBOOKs have technology that ensures this protection, Viasat Eclypt, a service from its partner Viasat. In their strong commitment to the defense industry, Panasonic and Viasat collaborate closely through the company’s rugged tablets.

Maximum data protection with Panasonic TOUGHBOOK

The collaboration between the two companies focuses on the TOUGHBOOK 55 models, which integrate the internal Viasat Eclypt Core solid state drive without affecting the productivity and performance of the devices. This project is also planned to be implemented on TOUGHBOOK 40 models in the near future. In short, the integration of tools that guarantee correct data encryption is essential for organizations around the world, especially for those that deal with confidential issues. In this sense, with the aim of making themselves available to any type of industry and facilitating the tasks of mobile workers, TOUGHBOOKs offer maximum security and data protection, as well as optimal robustness to withstand any manipulation, even in weather conditions. adverse.

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