Wed. Sep 27th, 2023

With the arrival of autumn, respiratory diseases are multiplying and the new variants of Covid-19 continue to worry health experts. In recent weeks, there has been a increased incidence of infections, albeit moderately. It must be taken into account that the Symptoms of the latest coronavirus variables are very similar to those of the flu. To distinguish if we have the flu or are infected by COVID, they have reached pharmacies new tests capable of detecting both diseases. These double self-test They follow the same procedure as the well-known antigen tests. Are already available in pharmacies for the price of 2.94 eurosprice set by Interministerial Commission on Drug Prices.

How the new double tests work

The way of using these new tests is similar to that of the Covid self-diagnosis tests. It takes the nasal or saliva swab and mixed with the reagent that comes in the test box. A few drops are then put into the test cassette, and finally, wait about 15-20 minutes to interpret the results. Keep in mind that, as usual in Covid-19 antigen tests, you will have to look if line C has been marked in red. If this line is not marked, the result is invalid and a new test will have to be performed. In this way, The tests allow to diagnose both diseases, Covid-19 and influenza A and B.

Flu or Covid symptoms

Influenza and coronavirus are respiratory diseases caused by a virus and have very similar signs and symptoms. Cough, fatigue, general malaise, fever or headache are the symptoms that develop the most in both ailments. The fact that Covid-19 and the flu have such a similar picture can make diagnosis difficult. Therefore, it is advisable to carry out a double test to distinguish both diseases and start one treatment or another. The fear of a new health collapse has made increase prevention measures in some European countries. In Spain, according to the latest data from the Ministry of Health, infections have increased for more than three weeks, but moderately. It seems unlikely that a return to the use of the mask indoors. However, it is a possibility that is not ruled out, if infections increase and there is a higher incidence and an increase in the occupancy rate in hospitals.

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