Sat. Mar 2nd, 2024

The vitiligo is a skin disease characterized by the appearance of white spots due to lack of pigmentation. According to Spanish Academy of Dermatology and VenereologyBetween 1.5% and 2% of the world’s population suffers from vitiligo. Today, the exact cause of this disease is not known. Experts believe that it responds to a autoimmune disorder in which antibodies attack melanocytes.
Two studies published in The New England Journal of Medicine show that a cream is effective in vitiligo treatment. The results show that ruxolitinib cream reduces depigmentation of the face by at least 50% in 45% of treated patients, and 30% managed to reduce up to 75% after one year of use. David Rosmarin, a researcher in the department of dermatology at Tufts Medical Center, points out that the treatment of this disease has always been a great challenge for medicine. “Historically, treating vitiligo has been challenging, and these data reinforce the potential that this new medical treatment may have for people interested in repigmentation,” says Rosmarin. The investigations have focused on two trials in phase 3, at the same time and for one year. The results indicate that the application of ruxolitinib cream produced greater repigmentation of vitiligo lesions in patients than in subjects with vehicle control for 52 weeks. The authors of the trial confirm that Larger and longer studies are needed to determine the safety of the treatment.either. “You have to treat five patients for six months to achieve a repigmentation response equal to or greater than 75% in one patient. If the treatment is continued for a year, one out of every two patients responds”, says Lluis Puig, director of the Dermatology service at the Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau. The main problem with the treatment would be the price and that it is still too early to rule out a possible relapse after a while. “Relapse cannot be ruled out after a while, but it has been observed in experimental models,” Puig points out.

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