Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

The transformation of sustainability does not stop resonating in all companies, because, taking into account the main social challenges we face, including the environmental, social and economic crises, this commitment has become more vital than ever. . In relation to this, Fujitsu has presented its new Fujitsu Uvance brand at a press conference, in line with the direction of the United Nations sustainable development goals with the aim of transforming the world into a place where people can live better. Carlos Cordero, CTO of Fujitsu has been in charge of giving this news, while he has highlighted that, “our purpose is to contribute to creating a more sustainable world by generating trust through innovation. Fujitsu Advance is the approach we are bringing to technology and cross-industry functions.”

the next 10 years

Sustainability transformation means transforming business to bring about positive change in our environment, society and economies. The theme for the next 10 years is driving sustainability transformation through digital innovation. The company is immersed in an approach that enables companies to transform their businesses by delivering digital innovation that builds business resilience against uncertainty while enhancing environmental and social value.

Sustainability: four visions

World Without Borders: Physical and digital experiences will converge to realize human-centered experiences, empowering people to live more fulfilling lives. Hybrid working has become the new normal since the COVID-19 outbreak. Fujitsu has introduced WorkLifeShift to empower people by letting them choose how they want to work. We are seeing tangible improvements in both productivity and engagement. In addition, it is building the networks of the future, from 5G and 6G wireless networks to optical backbone networks. And we can already explore a different kind of metaverse that exactly reproduces a real city as a digital twin, allowing us to enjoy shopping, sightseeing, and various events.

Fujitsu works for the Transformation of Sustainability to face the main challenges of humanity through the creation of Fujitsu Uvance

Trust in everything: Distributed trust will securely connect people, things and services, supporting a more regenerative society. Millions of liters of water are lost in the preparation of fruits and vegetables in food factories, with a great impact on the environment. Botanical Water Technologies and Fujitsu have developed the world’s first blockchain-based water exchange platform (Botanical Water Exchange), to create a secure market for water trading. Botanical water can now be accurately traced through every step of the production process, from refinement to sales, delivery and use. Botanical water can now be sold to other food and beverage manufacturers or recycled internally as a new reusable water source. Dynamic Resilience: Uncertain future scenarios will be tested digitally to build resilience in business and society. Cities face critical challenges, such as rising CO₂ emissions and the economic cost of traffic congestion. One of the solutions is shared micromobility services using electric bicycles and scooters. Hexagon and Fujitsu collaborate on the development and implementation of an intelligent monitoring solution that collects data from various sensors and visualizes the dynamic status of shared mobility. This solution has enabled, for example, the city of Munich to track, visualize and analyze IoT data from a variety of mobility providers and create a complete picture of the city through a dynamic digital twin of the city. Discovery Revolution: Innovation will be accelerated by using data to combine the creativity of people and technology. The treatment of serious diseases is essential to improve people’s quality of life and reduce healthcare costs. Using Fujitsu’s explainable AI technology, we are working to visualize the relationship between cancer, genetic variants and drug treatments. Since 2019, Aichi Cancer Center and Fujitsu have been collaborating on the development of AI systems for use in clinical practice. We have developed a new solution that can sort and combine data under common keywords and a single data format, generating a knowledge structured data, called KnowledgeGraph. This solution dramatically reduces the time required for clinicians to predict drug efficacy and search for evidence for their estimates. This helps clinicians to accurately select the drug based on the genomic variants of individual patients, reducing the risks of unnecessary or ineffective treatments.

business transformation

In this area, Fujitsu is contributing to: Carbon Neutrality: Monitoring and reduction of CO₂ emissions. We help organizations formulate strategies and measures to achieve carbon neutrality by visualizing CO₂ emissions throughout the entire supply chain. Value chain optimization: Creating a regenerative society. We enable traceability throughout value chains to optimize supply and demand, promoting a circular economy that encourages the effective reuse of resources. Enabling people: Collaboration between humans and robots/AI. We empower people through process automation. We use digital technology to help solve labor shortages and enable skills transfer from experienced workers. Business Visualization: Visualization of processes to support decisions. By visualizing the current and projected state of business activities with financial and non-financial KPIs, we support agile, data-driven decision making in response to dynamic changes. Resilient supply chain: Improve the ability to respond to uncertainty. We enable the autonomous reconfiguration of global supply chains in response to disruptive events by simulating and detecting potential risks.

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