Fri. Mar 1st, 2024, the platform that promotes energy efficiency and digitization, approaches the final stretch for the celebration of the 10th edition of its Smart Energy Congress, on November 16 and 17, at the IFEMA North Convention Center. Reference event that has almost a hundred entities that share Europe’s commitment to sustainability and the reduction of energy costs, and in which it is expected to bring together more than 2,000 professionals from different sectors. At the press conference held at the headquarters of the Madrid City Council, the Platform announced the main novelties and opportunities that the Congress will offer in terms of energy competitiveness, digitization, technological advances, open innovation and collaboration. Positioning this event as a means to continue contributing to the great work that both the City Council and the Community of Madrid are doing to promote the energy and digital transition, placing Spain as a benchmark at European level. The main table was chaired by the Councilor for Innovation of the Madrid City Council, Mr. Àngel Niño, the Technological Innovation Promotion Manager of the Community of Madrid, Mr. José Luis Belinchón, the Director of Communication and Institutional Relations of the EOI, Mr. Diego Crescente and the Vice Dean of the COIT, Mr. Juan Carlos López. Likewise, the meeting was attended by the Presidents of several of the Platform’s Technical Committees, specifically the Startups Committee, the Energy Sector Operations Committee and the Data Centers Committee.

The volatility of energy and the unstoppable commitment to sustainability mark the Smart Energy Congress

This new edition is being held coinciding with a conjunctural moment in which energy efficiency and sustainability clearly affect competitiveness, with energy costs, production efficiency, the digitization of processes and the reduction of CO2 emissions being issues of special importance. relevance in environments such as Cities, Industries, and Technological Infrastructures and Data Centers.

The Smart Energy Congress is held coinciding with a conjunctural moment in which energy efficiency and sustainability affect the competitiveness of companies

Vanesa Ramos, Head of Open Innovation at the Platform, has disregarded the purpose of the meeting, which, given the current energy paradigm, aims to foster alliances and mobilize the different stakeholders to discuss trends, challenges and opportunities in these ecosystems key code. Environments in which, as he pointed out, 80% of managers have already become aware of the strong impact that the energy and digital transition is having on business models, based on the results of the survey carried out by on last semester.

A program conditioned by the new energy and technological challenges

The Congress presents a very complete program, with current topics, whose objective is to transmit to managers of the public and private sector how they can contribute with the use of technologies (Artificial Intelligence, 5G, IoT, Digital Twins…) to improve efficiency of their organizations, develop sustainability strategies and align with the objectives of the Sustainable Development Goals and the 2030-2050 Agenda, this currently being an aspect of special relevance in decision-making within organizations, as manifested in the survey carried out by (70% of the directors consulted made this consideration), according to comments from the Platform.

News from Smart Energy spaces to foster collaborations

In addition to having two large Auditoriums (Strategy and Technology) and an Expo Zone, as a novelty, the Congress will include Co-Creation Spaces, where innovative solutions and success stories can be shared, Matchmaking Meetings (European funds) will be held, and the innovation ecosystem will be accommodated , startup and entrepreneur, through sisons of Support for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and European leadership. This is intended to create collaborative environments, promoting open innovation and the generation of business opportunities. On the other hand, in this new edition, at the end of the first day of the Congress, a Luncheon-Colloquium will be held where directors of energy, technology, industry and public administration companies will meet, in which to reflect on strategies and keys for achieving of the energy and digital transformation and the fulfillment of the sustainability objectives.

By Alvaro Rivers

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