Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

Using an AI model, Red Hat has been able, together with IBM, to introduce Project Wisdom, a community plan to create an intelligent natural language processing capability for Ansible and the IT automation industry. The project aims to boost the productivity of IT automation developers and make IT automation more affordable and understandable for diverse IT professionals with varied skills and backgrounds. “This project is an example of how artificial intelligence has the power to fundamentally change the way companies innovate, extending capabilities that normally reside in operations teams to other corners of the company,” says Chris Wright, CTO and SVP of Global Engineering, Red Hat.

Project Wisdom

Project Wisdom works by allowing the user to enter a command as a simple English sentence. It then parses the phrase and builds the requested automation workflow, which is delivered in the form of an Ansible Playbook, which can be used to automate any number of IT tasks.

This is Project Wisdom: Incorporating AI into Hybrid Cloud Automation

Unlike other AI-based coding tools, Project Wisdom is not focused on app development, but rather on the increasing complexity of enterprise IT as hybrid cloud adoption grows.

From human reading to human interaction

Becoming an automation expert requires significant effort and resources over time, with a learning curve to navigate multiple domains. The project aims to bridge the gap between Ansible YAML code and human language, so that users can use plain English to generate syntactically correct and functional automation content. It could allow a sysadmin who typically provides on-premises services to reach other domains to build, configure, and operate in other environments using natural language to generate playbook instructions.

By Alvaro Rivers

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