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The countdown begins, Halloween is almost here and it’s just… who doesn’t love Halloween?

There is a different atmosphere and it is the ideal time to get together with your partner or with your friends to watch horror movies and it is that the moment deserves it. But… have you ever thought about where they were filmed? For the most daring and lively, here are some examples in case you fancy a special Halloween.

1. The Shining (Oregon)

Timberline Lodge a rustic looking hotel which you may know better as the Overlook Hotel from ‘The Shining’, that unforgettable film by Stanley Kubrick. If you are one of those who are easily scared, you may prefer to avoid room 237 on Halloween or you will be afraid that Jack Torrance will chase you with an ax. Watch your back!

Timberline Lodge

Timberline Lodge Room

2. The Rocky Horror Picture Show (Windsor)

Who says musicals can’t be horror? The mansion of Doctor Frank-N-Furter, known in real life as London’s Oakley Court hotel, its strange characters frightened its visitors with the songs and suggestive choreography that turned ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ in a classic. If you spend the night here, keep this in mind: you might end up like them.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

hotel Oakley Court

hotel Oakley Court

3. 1408 (New York, USA)

Perhaps the name Hotel Dolphin and the secrets of room ‘1408’ sound more familiar to you. These tested the skepticism of the protagonist, a writer of horror stories. You never know maybe the sumptuous look of the Roosevelt Hotel will inspire you to take your artistic edge and write your own horror novel.

1408 Michael Hafstrom 2007

Roosevelt Hotel

Roosevelt Hotel

4. American Horror Story: Hotel (Los Angeles)

For fans of ‘American Horror Story’ The fifth season marked a before and after and that is that we stopped seeing Jessica Lange and the extravagant Lady Gaga had her first appearance. But this hotel in Los Angeles has not only been the scene of AHS, but has also starred in numerous tragedies such as the death of a tourist. Do you dare to book a room?

american horror story hotel 2015

american horror story

Cecil Hotel

5. Do Not Disturb (Washington)

Continuing with cursed writers with the movie ‘Do Not Disturb’ by BC Furtney, known for his horror films. Surely The George Washington Hotel sounds familiar to you, and it is that sleeping comfortably in this hotel may be difficult, especially if we are invaded by the memory of the ideas of revenge that the protagonist experiences in his stay. Insomnia will accompany you all night.

Do Not Disturb 2013

The George Washington Hotel

The George Washington

6. Twin Peaks (Snoqualmie)

Impossible to leave out of the list ‘Twin Peaks’, a night in which darkness, the paranormal and murder go hand in hand. The Salish Lodge & Spa, or as you will surely remember it, Great Northern Hotel, It was the scene of the most surreal and disturbing town in fiction. Will you dream of a dancing dwarf or will you be harassed by the evil Bob if you spend your stay there?

Twin PeaksDavid Lynch

salish lodge outdoor spa

salish lodge indoor spa

7. Blade Runner (Los Angeles)

Although it is not horror, the decadent futuristic dystopia of Blade Runner could not be missing. The replicants were “more human than humans” and human is the fear you would feel at the Westin Bonaventure hotel in Los Angeles, which starred in one of the most industrial and distressing shots of the entire film.

blade runner ridley scott 1982

Westin Bonaventure hotel in Los Angeles

The Westin Bonaventure

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