Wed. Oct 4th, 2023

Data4 has installed an ESpanix neutral exchange node on its Alcobendas campus, the largest neutral traffic exchange node in southern Europe and one of the main Internet Exchange Points (IXP) in Europe. The purpose of the installation is to optimize the management of companies’ connectivity to the network. With this addition, Data4 clients will be able to interconnect directly with the ESpanix exchange node that has its own peering ecosystem. Although operators and content providers have been connected through peering for a long time, the explosion of data exchange and migration to the cloud is causing companies to turn more to this technology to facilitate their access to the cloud. By connecting to an exchange point, they gain performance, achieve the necessary resistance for their critical applications and optimize their costs. The new ESpanix data exchange point in Alcobendas will allow companies to optimize the way they exchange data and hybridize their cloud platforms within the Data4 infrastructure.

The new ESpanix data exchange point in the Data4 data center in Alcobendas will allow companies to optimize the way they exchange data

DATA4 is very active in the construction of new data centers and targets a wide range of companies from various sectors and content providers. With the arrival of ESpanix, the group offers its clients the possibility of interconnecting and exchanging data in a secure and efficient way. “The incorporation of ESpanix to our infrastructure, through the installation of this new neutral exchange node, represents an added value to the high capacities offered by Data4. This agreement is part of our commitment to optimize the experience of our clients, developing an important ecosystem of our campus, with the aim of allowing our clients to have a wide range of services with added value on which to support their digital growth. In this way, we will be in a position to offer our clients an easy way to interconnect and take advantage of the network and know-how of ESpanix in terms of peering”, says Juan Vaamonde, Country Manager of DATA4 in Spain. “ESpanix only establishes infrastructure in the best data centers and thanks to this agreement, Data4 clients can connect to the largest peering exchange network in southern Europe. ESpanix relies on Data4’s capacity and infrastructure to establish its new node exchange connected to the ESpanix network.” says Cristóbal López, Manager of Espanix. The arrival of ESpanix is ​​a milestone in DATA4’s strategy because it allows its clients to hybridize their platforms towards a cloud ecosystem and exchange data locally with high performance.

By Alvaro Rivers

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