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Stranger Things was inspired by a dark and disturbing anime. An anime that is much more disturbing than the Netflix original series.

The anime that has inspired the Stranger Things series is much more disturbing than the Netflix show. Although the main source of the project is the culture of the 80s, they were not its only influences. There are many other stories that contributed to the science fiction and horror mythology that was a success among subscribers of the streaming service. Between the Demogorgon, Vecna ​​and the boys they have given us many years of adventures. We are not ready to say goodbye to them. However, we must focus on the interesting choices that were made with Stranger Things to inspire the history of Netflix. During an interview with The Daily Beast, the Duffer brothers talked about all those influences that they took as a reference. Ross Duffer mentioned, for example, that the original Silent Hill video game was key when it came to knowing what the Upside Down World would look like. They also mentioned that the narrative of The Last of Us helped them write the script and develop their characters. But the most disturbing influence is the anime from which the series departs.

Elfen Lied and the influence on Eleven’s history

In that same The Daily Beast interview, Matt Duffer mentioned that Elfen Lied was a great source of inspiration for Stranger Things. This anime follows Lucy, a Diclonius who escaped from her cell after being imprisoned for trying to lock up all humans. Using her vectors, which are basically invisible hands that can cause massive destruction around her, she manages to escape from her. She loses her memory shortly after, after being shot in the head. When two of her cousins ​​discover her, they take her in. The anime was released in 2004 and was listed as one of the most ultraviolent in history. The parallels with Eleven are more than evident. It’s worth giving it a try if you didn’t know it.Share0

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