Tue. Sep 26th, 2023

GBTEC’s BIC Platform solutions have been definitively integrated into the LABBOX LABWARE company. And it is that, the board has chosen to integrate GBTEC solutions by allowing each business process to be identified in a simple and understandable way for all members of the company, regardless of department or geographical location. By implementing GBTEC’s BIC Platform solutions along with the process modeling that the company has initiated, the company expects to reduce the time currently spent on certain processes by up to 30%. “This is crucial for our company, which moves thousands of references in more than fifty countries, in highly changing historical contexts in a matter of days and which has pushed LABBOX LABWARE to have tools that help increase efficiency”, comments Sandra Pareja, Director of Digital Transformation at LABBOX LABWARE.

Labbox labware and GBTEC

The creation of a single point of reference, where all the know-how is documented, allows new personnel incorporations to be much simpler and more efficient, since everything is accessible.

Labbox labware chooses GBTEC clic platform suite to continue its international expansion

On the other hand, the fact that all protocols, processes and regulations are correctly organized, documented and accessible to all employees, allows the standardization of the quality of services, which translates into a clear improvement in customer service and providers.

GBTEC Solutions

GBTEC solutions are currently implemented in a wide variety of industries around the world: Health, Telcos, Mobility, Automotive, Finance as well as in a large selection of Public Administrations that enjoy GBTEC tools optimizing their workflows.

By Alvaro Rivers

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