Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

Health is an invaluable asset that we do not appreciate until we lose it or see it threatened; There is nothing more important than feeling good in body and mind, because any adversity that life presents us can be overcome if we enjoy well-being. And it is that our grandparents and parents are very right when they tell us that “as long as there is health you can and have everything”. And taking care of ourselves should be, precisely, a constant task, taking care of everything from what we eat and drink, to rest, habits and routines, emotions, stress management and how we consistently attend to health both at the physical as well as mental. Everything we do influences the quality of life, our life expectancy. However, the fact that we are careful does not mean that we are exempt from the possibility of getting sick or that we cannot receive an adverse diagnosis at some point. Unfortunately, these things happen and the best we can do is face it responsibly and with a good attitude. When the need for a treatment is imposed, it is necessary to follow it to the letter. In this article we tell you how you can be judicious and organized to comply with your medication with the services of IMA with you.

Why is medical treatment important?

Discipline is essential to see results in the control of a disease or condition; If you have visited your trusted doctor, but you have left the prescription in a drawer or you do not take the drugs, then you have not done anything. The medical treatment that has been assigned to you is designed to help you based on your age, height, weight and, of course, the symptoms you present. Whether curative or palliative, you must comply. Medicines consist of the combination of chemical compounds whose prescription is designed to help you recover from an illness or to cope with a condition without pain. So the treatment must be prescribed exclusively by the doctor and in the correct dose to meet its objective. The excess or lack of a medicine can generate adverse consequences and even give rise to a public health problem. People can begin to generate resistance to antimicrobials, increase the rate of addictions or set up new diseases that end up affecting the hospital system. Consequently, they end up losing faith in the system and in medicine, lives and families are affected by poor treatment management.

How does a drug work in our body?

Surely many times you have asked yourself a question that, despite seeming absurd, makes you very curious: “How does the pill know where it hurts or where in my body I need it?” The reality is that you do not know, the medicine travels throughout our bloodstream and reaches everywhere. This applies to all types of drugs, both painkillers and antibiotics. Although, the importance of consuming them carefully in the latter is always highlighted, more than in the former. Not strictly complying with taking an antibiotic treatment generates resistance or the need to do it from scratch.

How to effectively organize my medication?

The basic tips to always remember your medication will be to place alarms on your mobile, notes in the fridge, organize your medication in a pillbox with the days of the week or leave notes in a visible place, such as the mirror in your room, place it in a place visible. But, if you are looking for something that goes much further, an efficient way of not skipping treatment, we tell you about the services it provides IMA with you. IMA is a company dedicated to taking care of the correct medication of the elderly and polymedicated. It is in charge of providing solutions to promote healthy habits, simplifying your life so that you do not make mistakes in the organization and do not have to suffer long waiting lines in pharmacies. They always bring your medication ready to the door of your home and the best of all is that you will not have to pay an added value for this service, you will only have to pay the cost of the medications. Managing the service is very easy by visiting its website and registering. Optimize your quality of life and that of your relatives with the monthly organization of your drugs.

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