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One of the most anticipated crypto events of 2022 has come to an end, the Blockchain Land, arrived in Monterrey, Mexico, from October 05 to 07, and included the participation of the most influential people in the world, with CoinEx present as a sponsor. Nobody stops this cryptocurrency exchange in terms of globalization, that is why it always participates and actively supports all events globally.

Monterrey’s “Cintermex” prepared to receive some 10,000 people in person and some 500,000 remotely at the event described as “The Web 3.0 Talent Gathering.” All this with the aim of promoting the adoption of cryptocurrencies in the region and the development of all kinds of projects based on blockchain. Being one of the biggest events of the year, not only the most illustrious people from the blockchain world participated, but also from the business world.

CoinEx betting on Latin America and the future development of the crypto space

With the CoinEx participation in Blockchain Land It was possible to capture the attention of the attendees, who approached the exchange’s stand to participate in various activities that allowed them to receive gifts such as t-shirts, notebooks and free cryptocurrencies. In the 3 days of the event, the platform added just over 150 new users who joined and downloaded the CoinEx application to receive digital assets totally free and start enjoying all the services offered by this platform of various crypto services. derivatives. With the outstanding participation of the Community & Marketing Manager for CoinEx in Spain and Latin America, Kevin Salazar, who was remote, but no less present, expressed his point of view on the topic of “Development and future of the crypto space”, highlighting some solutions to accelerate crypto adoption worldwide and emphasizing the work of CoinEx and the ViaBTC Group to make great contributions to the blockchain ecosystem in general. Going through the general history of not only the industry, but also human evolution, Kevin comments:

“Throughout human history, changes in the relations of production will eventually usher in a new era. From the invention of the steam engine to the generation of electricity to the development of computers, each of the three industrial revolutions amounts to a complete overhaul of the relations of production driven by improved efficiency. Token incentive systems, coming from crypto industry products, are likely to change organizational methods in the past and provide fair and transparent opportunities for more people. Therefore, we do not have to worry about the future of the crypto market, as we will see an increase in application scenarios in this promising industry.”

These words remind us that although the current market does not look promising, the crypto industry is headed for the future. The advances that blockchain has made in the last 10 years have been so great and it shows us a glimpse of what lies ahead for us in the future. CoinEx will support the advances and contributions that arise in the industry and that manage to provide real value to society. We will see more of the exchange in future cryptocurrency events.

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