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At Marvel Studios they had to make the difficult decision to replace Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther or not.

The death of Chadwick Boseman after a long illness caused plans to change a lot for the sequel to Black Pantherbut above all they had to choose between replacing the actor or having another character become the hero of Marvel Studios. In the end, they opted for the second option and this is how the producer explains it Nate Moore in a recent interview with TF.“I don’t know if anything about it was an easy decision. But it was a decision that, once made, we all believed in and it guided us down the path to follow.” Chala. I couldn’t, and can’t, imagine that. I really couldn’t. Other people will have a different answer to that question. And we’re very aware of the response and how people feel. And I think all of that, to be honest, is fair. Everyone is going to have a different opinion. I can only say that, after being in it, I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t get there.” The president of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feigrevealed how shocking the news of the death of Chadwick Boseman.“Obviously it was a shock to all of us, the way it was to the world. We found out when the world found out. And for a long time, the focus was on just that: Processing the loss of a colleague, a friend, and an important creative partner for us.”

Preparations for the sequel began with Chadwick Boseman.

In Marvel Studios they wanted the actor to be one of the pillars of the future. As Kevin Feig He assures that: “There was an initial draft. Ryan Coogler, director / co-writer, had written a draft and had conversations with Chad about it. “For a long time, the focus was only on processing the loss. And then he quickly switched to carrying on the legacy. It was important to everyone. And we believed that it was important to the world that the positivity and the hope and the vision of Wakanda continue, and that that world, and that incredible set of characters that came together in that first film, could continue and continue to put that light of positivity on. in the world. Ryan Coogler really started thinking about how to do that with each person who went to see the movie knowing what had happened in real life with Chadwick Boseman. And really, that became the starting point for Ryan’s new take on this movie.”Marvel Studios’ Black Panther The Movie Black Panther: Wakanda Forever will be released on November 11, 2022. While the rest of the installments of Marvel Studios can be enjoyed in Disney Plus, with this link.

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