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Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Instagram / News / Discord /Telegram / Google News On July 7, the hearts of millions of Yu-Gi-Oh! It shattered into a thousand pieces when it was confirmed that the creator of the franchise, Kazuki Takahashi, was found dead off the coast of Nago, in Okinawa, Japan, in what appeared to be a diving-related incident. Time has passed and indirectly it became known what happened at that time, leaving testimony of the actions that, in the end, cost the life of the Japanese creative.

Kazuki Takahashi died while trying to save people from drowning in the sea

A report by STRIPES, the official newspaper of the United States Department of Defense, announced the Soldier’s Medal awarded by the US Army to Major Robert Bourgeau, 49, for his heroism in rescuing 3 people in danger of drowning on the Nago coast. According to the testimony, given by the military itself and the Department of Defense, but not by the Coast Guard, which preferred to remain silent on the matter, the conditions of the sea were very strong and dangerous, especially in the place known as the Grotto of la Sirena, favorite for those who practice diving, on the fateful day of July.

While touring the site with a couple of diving students, Major Bourgeau was alerted by a call for help from a Japanese woman who told him that she, her 11-year-old daughter and an American soldier were being carried away by an internal current that caused a whirlpool effect. Without any equipment, this army officer launched himself to the rescue of the 3 people, first going to the farthest for the 11-year-old girl and then taking the 39-year-old mother, swimming against the force of the sea and taking them towards waters shallow. Later, he threw himself against the odds by the soldier because he thought that the sea had already swallowed him, but he managed to save him.

The rescue attempt from the creator of Yu-Gi-Oh! it cost him his life

Unfortunately, and without the soldier noticing, Kazuki Takahashi was also at the scene and, noticing that the rescue attempt was getting difficult, he decided to act accordingly to help in the rescue. However, the inner current took him and left him with no chance, not only to help the drowning people, but to save his own life. According to Bourgeau’s statement and witnesses to what happened, the action of the creator of Yu-Gi-Oh! It was not noticed and the same soldier did not realize that the Japanese creative had come to the rescue, otherwise he would have tried to save him too. Sadly, Kazuki Takahashi’s body was found 2 days later and months after what happened, there is already an official version of the event that ended his life. Rest in peace. Still here at WTTSpod. Font

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